21 Day Dare: Day 16- Dare to Do Something

Good morning Sweet Friends,

A few months back, I was praying for revival in our city. I was pleading with God to do the impossible in a community that needs Him desperately. We have been meeting for several years now in a friends home praying for our community. We have prayed circles around the local churches and even driven the county line 7 times seeking for the walls hindering our blessings to fall. Can you tell we are serious?:)

We even rented the local theater and begin expanding this vision for our city inviting more to pray with us. We call it 601 (our area code), and our hope was that we would rally more people together to be burdened for a new city. My husband was going to be speaking the first night, and we were both praying and seeking to hear a word for our city. As I sought to hear, I knew the Lord was saying, Stop praying for REVIVAL. I was not even sure it was the Holy Spirit, because the request seemed so odd. So I questioned....Stop praying for You to move? 

Stop praying and do something!

My husband was preparing to speak, and I shared the words I felt the Lord was impressing on my heart. He is saying stop praying and do something! While it sounded like an odd request at the time, it made perfect sense to him. God was calling US to MOVE!

I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father.
— John 14:12

Sometimes we pray for things that we have the authority to do ourselves through the power of the Holy Spirit. Faith is sometimes walking in that authority believing God will work through us.

We shared the vision that night that God was calling us to move in His name instead of praying for Him to move. He did the work at the cross. He gifted us with the Holy Spirit empowering us to do even greater works than He did. It is time to walk in the authority that we were given. Someone asked if I had heard this song "Do Something" by Matthew West, and though I had not you can only imagine how excited I was when I did hear it. Confirmation.

God uses us to be other people's miracle. What I have found is that my faith is edified when I know that He has used me. Perhaps this is why He says it is far better to give than receive? It truly is an indescribable joy that comes when you realize you have been used for Kingdom purpose.

Your dare today is to DO SOMETHING. Ask the Father through the Holy Spirit to guide you to the need of another. Will it be a phone call? Will you pay for someone's gas or coffee or lunch? Will you send a letter ? Will you be a blessing? Will you pray for healing? Will you feed the hungry? Will you give someone a ride?

I can't wait to hear! Go Do Something!

In His Grip,

Rochelle FrazierComment