21 Day Dare: Day 19 - Dare to Embrace Your Place

Today, can we just grab a cup of coffee and talk heart to heart?


Something seems to happen in us as we are moved on this journey of seeking. We become more aware of His presence. We are moved by music. We begin seeing Him in our day to day. We realize there is MORE and we want to be apart of something bigger.

I hear so often women share their desire to have purpose and meaning in life. We assume we can't be used right were we are. We feel like we need to be more involved in ministry or speaking or writing or something that would say to the world that we are living it out. Some become unhappy with their career, because it isn't fulfilling anymore. Some struggle in marriage, because God has moved them forward and the spouse is left behind. A moment that should be celebrated leads to a new place of frustration. I have prayed with many women in these places, and I have been there too.

Sometimes I want to move forward so badly that I get ahead of God, and I can tell because I end up swimming upstream forcing it to happen. I'm overwhelmed and burned out! Have you ever felt the same?

He reminds me even today that He is sovereign and He has me exactly where He needs me and I am to embrace this place.  Can you embrace your place?

I am reminded of Ruth. She was a barren widow in a foreign land gleaning in a field. God saw her faithfulness and devotion to Naomi even though there was no prestigious spotlight on her life. God knew her location and her role in the divine lineage of Jesus, and He certainly knew her heart. I love the words of Boaz.....

May the LORD repay you for what you have done. May you be richly rewarded by the LORD, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge.”
— Ruth 2:12

He came to Ruth in her place that she embraced and took her to her destiny. She was a woman broken and humbled gleaning in the fields with those that had nothing. We can imagine that a woman like her would appreciate her position along side a man of wealth, dignity and honor like Boaz. Was her time in the field part of her character development so that she could fulfill her position along side him?

I think Christine Caine is the one who says that God needs to do a work in us before He can do a work through us. I believe my journey with Hospice is part of the internal rewiring and building that God needs to do in me, so that perhaps one day He could do greater things through me. I see with new lens the people most like Jesus washing the sick and dying. He has truly broken my heart for the things that break His that I had never even noticed.

I wanted you to pause today, and ponder your place.

How might this place be working in you to prepare you for the things ahead?

How might He use you right where you are?

When we realize we are exactly where we need to be we can be filled with hope that He can use us in this moment in this place. We see that we do have purpose. Our whole countenance changes from despair to HOPE!  When we celebrate our journey and our ability to now leak His love into our home and through our marriage, we can be hopeful knowing what He will do through us to touch those we love dearly.

Let's celebrate what He is doing in us and EMBRACE OUR PLACE! Let's trust His sovereignty and be filled with HOPE of what He will do through us after He has completed a new work in us!!!!

I share with you this song today, because in my own seeking this is the one that moved me most! Oh, sweet friends, I hope the love of God is becoming so real that it is almost hard to listen to these words with out an overflowing of tears. It's overwhelming! Oh how He loves us!

May you draw so near to Him today that you close your eyes and hear His breath.


Rochelle FrazierComment