21 Day Dare: Day 20- Dare to say "No" because of a greater "Yes!"

Good morning sweet friends,

Can you believe this journey is coming to an end? 

I want to remind you that the intent of this dare was never to seek whole-heartedly for 21 days then walk away. The intent was to wake up to a habit of seeking. I pray that you have been touched on this journey in some way that was so personal that you can't deny that God was in your midst. I pray that you have found joy in His presence. I pray that a longing for more is stirring in the depths of your soul.

As I pondered what to share these last two days, I felt led to speak to you something I have to remind myself often. A truth we should all know but struggle to practice is the power of saying "No!" Today's dare is not simply for today, but something to carry with you as you journey forward. We must learn to say "NO," because we believe in a greater "Yes!" I'm not asking you to clean your plate fully, but to be intentional about what you put on it.

There is no way we can walk daily plate full trying to balance it all and squeeze in time for Jesus. Sometimes we will miss a social event, because He calls us elsewhere. Sometimes we say no to a proposal, because He says I have something more. Sometimes we cancel everything because we need to hear Him. Sometimes we will miss a baseball game, because we need to be at a Women's event getting filled up so that we can fulfill our greatest calling as a mother.  Reminder...that great calling is not to be the mom with the highest attendance record at the little league park. The calling of a mother is to leave a Divine Impression on those that He has gifted her to call her children. It isn't your only calling, but it is an undeniable one.

Today, I want to share a little about this calling that I found in Deuteronomy 6 because it goes beyond just being a mother, it speaks to finding our promised land. Aren't we all looking for the Promised Land?  Though it is Old Testament scripture, I believe it is the secret to living in our own Promise Land.

The Israelites were traveling an eleven day trip around a mountain for 40 years. I certainly know what it feels like to travel the same mountain for what feels like 40 years! Amen? Finally,  they were entering their promised land, and Moses spoke the words from Deuteronomy 6 to them as the secret to abiding and surviving in this land flowing with milk and honey. I believe the key to entering our own is found here too.

1.) Love God with all your heart.

These words were spoken by Jesus as the greatest commandment, so I believe they flow right into the New Covenant. If we want to be in His will, and that seems to be the theme of most prayers...."Lord, if it be thy will".....then we must seek the heart of the Father.

2.) Moses said we can have no gods before Him.

While we don't worship golden calves, we have idols just the same. Our idols come with labels and status and roles, as we discussed earlier on this journey. If we want to live in the promise land, we have to put God where He belongs and that is before all other things! That means ALL!

3.) We should impress the words of the Lord upon our children at all times.

Not just sometimes or at night before we tuck them in bed, but when we walk and talk and lay down we should be impressing. We should bind them around their arms and heads and the doorways of our home. It is our calling as mothers not the church or their "Christian" school to leave a Divine Impression. I believe He is saying here that we must raise them up with their true identity of who they are as a child of God that comes from His word.

4.) Never forget what He has done.

He brought them out of slavery and the wilderness by parting seas and raining manna. He led them by cloud in the day and fire at night. Can you even imagine what it would be like to be a child listening to the stories of his grandfather and how that awe would have put that child in a posture of reverence? However, they didn't remember or share their stories, and later they ended up in captivity all over again. We need to continuously remind ourselves of what He has already done for us and what He has brought us out of to edify our faith. Then when we are tested, we can stand against the enemies attempts resting Him so that He will flee.

5.) He brought you out to bring you in.

The Israelites wanted out of the wilderness, but they weren't willing to do what it took to hold on to the promised land. We often ask God to get us out of something but aren't willing to step into the place He takes us too next. A great example of this is marriage. We plead for God to save our marriage from divorce and we find resolution only to make no changes and ultimately end up right back where we started. Don't just ask to save your marriage, but do your part to step into a marriage worth replicating.

Think about this....

How would our society change if we truly loved God first?  When we do love Him first, we find that we love our spouses and our children and even our neighbors and enemies in a way we aren't capable of without His love infiltrating us.  How would it change if we truly had no idols? How would kids today be effected if they didn't have idols before God? The most common word among teens today is "Selfie," so we don't have to ask what they worship, do we?

What if we invested everything in raising up a new generation that truly gets the reality of Christ and their identity in Him? The struggle to be seen would end, because they would know how deeply loved they were and how relentlessly He has pursued their hearts.  I can only imagine that it would be far from the place we live today, perhaps it would be a promised land?

One of the greatest struggles of women today is our ability to say "No!" We end up too busy for Him. We end up overwhelmed, burned out and tired!

We now have a bigger "Yes" that we can embrace. We have a promised land beckoning us to come home. The question is ...will we continue to seek it with the passion that would call Him to reveal it to us?

We have been around the same mountain for long enough, may we enter in the land with milk and honey?

I dare you!

Papa, touch my sweet sisters today! Touch them in a way they can't deny that you Love them fiercely! Touch them in away that makes them come back for more. Give them relentless desire to know the heart of you above all things that are calling for their attention. Let Your voice be the voice heard above all others. Let your light come through them in away that others stop and take notice that they are women of a different Spirit. We love you! We thirst! Come Papa quickly as we seek Your face!

In His Wings,


Rochelle FrazierComment