A peek into my life....

Good morning sweet friends,

I thought I would update you today on my life, since it seems I disappeared this week after our 21 day journey together. I have to admit that it challenged me to commit to write 21 days as much as it challenged some of you to be here with me.  I resolved to live what I wrote last week and say "No" to a greater "YES" this week. As much as I love meeting you here, I had to put my blog on hold and be present for my children with their first week of school and REST! I will probably take the whole week off and meet you back here on Monday! 

The dare ended the day before school began here, so I went full force back into school mode which has brought some first for our family. I thought I would share a little of my life outside of this blog and Sweeteas, because I really do seek to bloom where I am planted, and I want to encourage you to do the same:)

On Monday my boys had their first day of school in different classes. I spent Sunday praying and partly pleading that it wouldn't be traumatic and hoping we made the right decision, because they are inseparable. I wasn't prepared for the little things as parents that keep me up at night in prayer. Heaven forbid when they get eighteen! 

We felt the separation would give the boys their own identity which they found rather quickly on Monday. Instead of "twin boys" as they are most often referred, they picked up Tupelo and Jack Dog which I have yet to figure out completely. Of course, Houston and Jackson love it. One had a great day, and one struggled, which broke this little momma's heart and sent her to another night of praying! They say a woman couldn't love her husband more than when he loves her children, and I saw this as truth Tuesday morning when Todd walked my man to class and made sure it was going to be a better day. He has a way with helping them see the good, and I am so thankful! Day two was a success! Thank you Jesus!

 The boys also had their first day of 3rd grade football which means we have promoted to pads and helmets and mouthpieces.  I am obviously not a good "boy mom," because my stomach turns at the thought of watching our boys as the target of another child's pent up energy. I think if you live in the SEC, you have to love football so I do, but football takes on a whole new meaning when you see your little fellows with pads bigger than they are walking on a field. Golf sounds better every day! Of course, every man involved in their life says, "They have to learn to be men! Be tough!" Heaven help me! I will never understand men! 

My daughter, Holland Rose, started 8th grade which means we survived 7th grade transition that rocked me completely last year. The elementary to junior high move brought out every insecurity and mood possibly held in her 12 year old body. I survived! It was grace growing year! This is her first year on the JV Cheerleading squad, and she is co-captain, so it's a fun time for her. She is slowly becoming more secure in her every changing body! I would never go back to middle school! Yikes! 

By Tuesday, we had begun the race of tag teaming with their Papa and Roro between fields with boys practicing on one and her cheering on another. I do not know how that precious woman in Joplin with 12 children does it. She needs all of our prayers! :) Tuesday night was the debut of the junior high and high school cheerleaders and athletes, so we cheered her own with a stand full of parents and grandparents that mostly attended this same school. There is something special about a small town despite that we are missing shopping and food and a cinema.( I know, can you imagine?)  It was a big night for us, because after years of tumbling lessons Holland finally did her back handspring. If you are a mother of cheerleader you get this....it is a BIG day! Could they get this excited about Jesus? Once? Ever? 


Joy is our blessing that is a junior at LSU. She is amazing at handling all things there while we juggle everything here. Thank you Jesus! Her only request in the midst of all of this was a couch for her apartment, and so we tried to come up with a way to take one of ours to her since we both drive cars. What a blessing that a rather cute young man came into town that just happened to live around the corner from her at LSU and his father has a truck, so I hope I got brownie points for that one. Dad just cut his eyes at me, "I know what you are up too." Ha! We are always up to something! 


Todd started his first year as head basketball coach in several years, so he is up late reading play books trying to refresh his memory that isn't as young as it use to be:) We are trying to foster a new spirit at our school that includes honor and excellence. Giving God glory in all we do..even basketball! We have prayed up their locker room and laced it with scripture. I have been decorating it with art I created on pic monkey which I found made great canvas images. We are trying to touch the lives of the leaders of our school kids which often are athletes hoping to make a difference here. We found quickly how many young men, even in a private school, don't have father figures, so Todd has stepped in to be more than a coach.  You can see by his flood of text that he is making a difference. "Coach, could you take us fishing today?" So he does!

One of our smaller churches is without a youth pastor, so they have asked us to fill the gap while they are searching for someone permanent. We will venture there tonight because we both have hearts for the youth of this city. We desperately need more people willing to invest in the fruit of another generation. Oh how these kids need Jesus!

I couldn't tell you even one show on TV right now, because I don't have a spare moment to give. I have my husband keep me up on the news because with everything going on in our country and world right now I want to be informed. It is easy to get lost in the security of a small town and miss that our nation is in crises in about every way imaginable.  I think part of our problem as a nation is that people are either uninformed or either informed complaining but doing nothing about it. I can't change our health care system or secure our borders or protect us from terrorist or fix the failing medicaid system, but I can pour into a generation that it is criticized more than recognized. It is my place to not complain, but offer a solution. 

I encourage you too to be present for those that are around you.

I encourage you to REST when needed.

I encourage you to BLOOM where you are planted!

Take the greatest burden on your heart and do something about it!

I dare you!

In His Wings,

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