Could a movie save your marriage?

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Hello Sweet Friends,

One could say that the theme of "Struggling In Marriage" has gone viral. It seems lately I hear far too often from pastors and women's event planners that the marriages in their churches are in a desperate place. As I prepare to speak into their women, I hear...
"If you could speak into our marriages please do, because we desperately need hope for marriages right now." Sadly, the concern has no boundaries. It's everywhere.

I am still a "newly wed" so most assume we are immune to struggle, but blending families while beautiful brings in a new set of dynamics. We skipped right past the "honeymoon" phase of getting to know each other and stepped right in to passing off duties from laundry to lunchboxes to tucking babies in. We steal kisses seeking to be intentional to light a flame that could easily be quenched from the demands of our day. We too come home exhausted after work, football practice, and tumbling while grabbing dinner on the run. We wish we had more energy to stay up to talk after the house is finally quiet, but sometimes we hit snooze mid sentence even with best intentions. We do have to be intentional or we easily slip into the mundane, even as a newly wed. We use the excuse more often than we should, "This is how it is when you have children." So even I, the "newly wed", was excited at the notion of a new movie based on the Song of Solomon. What woman isn't, right?

As a part of the blog tour, I was sent the screener of THE SONG to view and share my thoughts to my audience. Of course, I asked my husband, Todd, to watch the movie with me, between SEC football of course:)  He was a little reluctant at first assuming it would be like many of the other Christian based films that come off too "churchy" and often hide reality to fit in the comfortable "Christian box" that makes him insane. You could tell the thought of a movie reigniting passion in marriage based off of the life of Solomon did not have the same effect on him as it did me. With his doubting eyes he says, "Please, a movie that could save a marriage?" However, because we are "newly weds" I am still very persuasive:) After all, I was due a date night after far too much college football!

 I am reading him the details of this promotion claiming that it is the "sexiest" faith-based movie yet, and that it is "gritty" revealing real modern day struggles in marriages, even those often hid like addictions and immorality. A Christian Movie. Really? Honestly, I am fumbling for my own words, because none seek to do justice to a movie that was so unexpectedly touching on so many levels. I suppose my immediate response was

Wow! It's about time!

What I loved about THE SONG:

The Weaving of the Word was Uncanning!
 Richard Ramsey truly created a work of art in the way he wove scripture into the dialogue, lyrics and voice overs. We are huge fans of Kyle Idleman from his book Not a Fan, so it didn't surprise us at all that he was the executive director. The way they used the words of Solomon was organic and so moving, and I am still in awe of the weaving of the story line. It excites me at the thought of the seeding that will be done to the nonbeliever without them even knowing, because it is so natural. At the same time being lovers of the Word, we had such great appreciation of how it was used. It touches something deep!  We actually watched THE SONG  twice trying not to miss a detail that he inlaid in the script.

It is Relevant!
I think we hide the struggle of marriage today, and the truth is that even church going members struggle with addictions and extramarital affairs. It shares the heart desire to have meaning and purpose and how easily we can look to the things of this world to give our lives meaning. Because of the way that it is portrayed with a singer following in the footsteps of his legendary father in search for his own purpose outside of being David's son, it brings to life a story that may otherwise seem irrelevant today.  The life of Solomon becomes relevant as you see him searching for meaning in the common things of this world, yet finding they are all...meaningless. A new appreciation for the gift of his wife and his family and his faith arise through struggle. So relevant!

It Awakens LOVE!
I don't know that I have ever been moved to action by a movie in the way I was after The Song. Todd and I replayed the details of the story that touched us through the night. It opened the way to intimate conversation that my heart had been longing for. We connected emotionally. We even pulled out the Bible and started searching to connect details of the movie and the scripture seeded throughout. We connected spiritually. We downloaded the four free songs from the soundtrack. We even watched the couples Bible Study promo that Kyle Idleman designed to follow the movie which I highly recommend (click here). We connected romantically!

I think I am even more excited about the couples study than the movie, because I know in just one day what this movie did for our marriage. Wow!

Yes, I think this movie will save marriages, and I have to say that it is hands down the best Christian-based film we have seen, and even matches top secular movies. While it is sexy and "gritty", it is tastefully presented and gets a profound message to the masses without profanity or nudity which is rare and so much appreciated.  If there is a movie that could touch the unchurched with the message of the Gospel in a way they can receive it, it would be THE SONG!

I keep has the power to HEAL!

September 26th
Coming to theaters everywhere!
THE SONG- A movie that speaks of a LOVE that has the power to HEAL! A must see!!!!

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