Day 21- Dare to Go Deeper Still

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Good morning sweet friends,

It is a little bitter sweet realizing that this day has come. How do we end?  I am hoping that is a day to celebrate great victory over the past 21 days. I am praying that on your journey of seeking that you have felt that great joy that comes only in His presence.

When the words of this Psalm were written, men celebrated the visitation of the presence of God. The Presence came upon people and prophets and appeared as a cloud and fire. However, we get to live on this side of the cross where we not only get to experience the visitation, but also the habitation. The presence of God is always with us. It is in us! It is a gift for those who believe and receive. (Galatians 3:2 & John 1:12)

I hope through this journey you have experienced both a visitation as you have worshiped and a habitation as you leaned in to the whisper to direct your steps. I like to refer to the Holy Spirit as our faucet. The more we turn it the more it flows. If we stop turning (or tuning into it) we can get comfortable with just a drip, but He offers streams of living water!!! Who wants a drip when you can have a stream of living water, right?

Remember it is in the Presence that He does His greatest work in us, so be intentional and make space for those things that draw you in to Him. Worship is the place where I feel the fullness of Him most, but not everyone is drawn in by worship. Some I have seen are most moved through painting or dance and others through bird watching. You should recognize the "thing" that makes you feel most alive, and there you will find Him, even if it isn't what you expect:)

I have heard so many wonderful stories from you throughout this journey, and they warm my soul to hear. I wanted to share one today from Theresa P:

It's like being invited to a house warming party and you arrive to a large crowd.  You know that the home owner is there and you are making your way through each room. . . you see a lot of lovely people, exchange hugs, but still your eyes are skimming through the crowd to see the One you came to celebrate. Finally you pass through a doorway and THERE HE IS!  You have laid down the things you brought with you. . . your gift, your jacket, your extra special homemade cookies  . . . a.k.a. "your luggage". . . and you've embraced and let go of others just to be free to greet Him. . . and as you take each step it's like a magnetic force that you "feel" as you are being drawn closer and closer to Him.   . . . That's where I am. . . making my way through the crowd, and now in the magnetic field . . . and I'm within His presence. . . and now . . . for me Rochelle, I just want to look Him in the eyes and love Him! My Jesus! Where I'm welcome, I'm accepted, I am loved with out conditions.  And for that moment there's no one else in the room. It's just a confirmation of the bond and love I share with Him.   Thank you for inspiring us to GET IN THERE! 

I hope many of you are sharing the same sentiment as Theresa that the journey has brought you closer. I pray we all have that magnetic field drawing us in deeper still.

Which leads me to the dare of the day to Go Deeper Still!

Don't let today be the end, but just the beginning. I will transition back to my regular blog so stay connected here. I also felt the Lord redirect me a little over the past 21 days, so I should have something new to reveal in the upcoming week!! So excited!!!

Where do we go from here? Might I suggest:

Robert Morris has a great teaching series on becoming more aware of the Holy Spirit titled "The God I Never Knew." I highly recommend listening to this series because He teaches in a way that anyone can glean from. You can click here to watch from The Blessed Life.

If you would like to learn more about studying the Word, I have a six part series on Galatians including video blogs where I encourage you to allow the Word to speak. Galatians is a great chapter to dive in with when you seek to enjoy learning the Word. This is the intro video and you can search YOUTUBE for 1-6 or dig in my blog a little;)

I highly recommend you join with other women or couples as a small group or cell group. We need each other, and doing it together is so much fun.Stay plugged in and start sharing with others.

Make sure that you have someone that can pour in the Word, encouragement and wisdom and make sure you have one that you are pouring into. We don't want to be a sponge!! I have learned is impossible to doubt when you are pouring out!

Finally, enjoy the ride!!! I can imagine that it warms His heart to see us enjoying our time with Him. He says we enter the Kingdom like a child, so dance, sing, laugh, make a mess and make loads of memories!!!

I so miss the ladies of JOPLIN, MISSOURI. You have blessed me so very much!!!!! Thank you too to all of the women that have joined this dare! I so love seeking together!!!

In His Wings,


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