I have something NEW to share!!!

Hello Sweet Friends,

I have received more than a few messages asking where I have gone since our 21 Day Dare, and I am so excited to share with you what I have been up to.

As you were seeking on our 21 Day Dare, I was seeking with you. My question was mostly, Where do we go from here? I only want to go if You are going with me!  What God spoke to me through this dare was that I was getting ahead of Him leaving behind what He hadn't finished. I think it is in our nature to start helping God make the way when He isn't moving as fast as we would like Him to. We even justify it, because we are helping Him out right?

My journey in ministry began with the Sweeteas. I started story telling by way of tea parties, and I so enjoyed wearing hats and pearls and sharing tea with mothers and daughters all across the South. Then I was asked to speak at a Women's Event, and to be honest I was uncertain of what I had to say. Would my story be worthy of a women's evening much less her entire Saturday? I sat in the Chapel of our local church for hours seeking direction. Do I have something to say and how in the world will I juggle speaking with everything else on my plate? I heard three words over and over like a record in my mind, "Sing A Song!" Frustrated that I couldn't hear from God because I was distracted by this song in my head, I left the Chapel only to make it a few feet before I was flat on my face in the church yard.  Yes, lost in pouting, I missed the step and tripped.  As I was trying to gather my things that were all over the yard with me, I found my  notebook wide open with these words in large print...

I have put a new song in your mouth a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear and come to know the Lord. Psalm 40

He was speaking. I decided to take this leap of faith with Him trusting that I had a song to sing. To my surprise, I saw quickly women drawn to an altar after hearing my story. I was so moved that there were no words to name the way it felt to know that He could use someone like me. I was from a small town with no divinity degree, and all I had to offer was an extremely passionate heart. I can hear Him saying now, It wasn't about perfection, but it was your passion.  (We all have a song, you know?)  After my first few events, I felt sure this is where I was suppose to be seeding women with the truth that had invaded my life and wrecked my theology, but freed me in the process. I knew that tea parties allowed me to reach a group of women - young moms- that are often hard to get to Women's Events, because of their schedules and obligations to families, but I felt more valuable being used as a "speaker," so I stepped away from tea parties. I wanted to be the fire starter not the Southern Belle serving tea and doing story time. Ha!

However, through the dare God was showing me that I can be both and both are needed. We must reach young mothers and young girls and stir them with passion to become who they really are. God whispered... I wasn't finished with you here yet.

I love His timing, because it just so happened that this past weekend I had the first tea party scheduled in over a year. I can't even remember my last tea, and I had completely forgotten how it felt to see in the eyes a mom who desperately needed to hear my story.  I felt Him leading me to relaunch Sweeteas with a new message I call, "Raising the Daughter of the King." The intent of God's Promises to His lil' Sweeteas was to help mom's seed their daughters with His truth, however, I have hardly promoted it that way.  I was missing the blessing of what He had given me. My hope is not that the events end, but that through tea parties we can speak into the lives of young moms the need to make time to come to Women's Events, so that they can truly live their calling to leave a divine impression upon their children. You probably noticed that our warriors are often those who are empty nesting women, because they finally have the time to seek Him. What happens though if a mom "gets it" while her babies are still at home? We could change generations!

Since we have to be creative with resources here, I decided to build my own website which has consumed my past few weeks. The original www.thesweeteas.com will now go to www.raisingthedaughteroftheking.com. I hope here I can train up mothers and grandmothers and spiritual mothers and mentors to be intentional about leaving a divine impression on a generation of girls that will live from their identity in Christ not this worlds. The site will have videos coming soon to help mom's have conversations with their daughters, to combat the mean girl, to instill confidence and to declare her Divine destiny. I am writing a new devotional for moms and daughters called "Tuck Me In Treasures" which will tuck her in with who she is in Christ so that while she sleeps the truth will be embedded. We will also have canvas coming soon to seed her room, and we already have prayers there to bless her room. I hope you will take a moment to visit or even share our new site with your friends. I am including the video that is found on the Your Calling Page for those that would like to know more!

I hope that through your dare, that God spoke something to you. I would love to know:)


In His Wings,


Rochelle FrazierComment