What keeps you up at night?

I have been listening to Dr. Caroline Leaf, because I am fascinated with her research on the power of our thoughts. With 25 years of research on brain activity, she has shown scientifically what we have believed spiritually. For example, the Word of God says:

Do not let the sun go down on your anger. Ephesians 4:26

She has shown that anger before sleeping creates negative pathways that become toxic thoughts. She also has found that worship stimulates the production of brain cells and can prevent depression which is no surprise to me. However, I love seeing scientifically what is happening physically matches exactly what the Word of God speaks to us. Wow!

One of Dr Leaf's missions is to help people eliminate toxic thinking. In effort to eliminate these toxic patterns, she calls us to become more aware of what we allow to circulate in our minds. One thing that I noticed about me, and I feel safe to say that this is common in women is the questioning of my decisions. It is what keeps me up at night.

When I make a decision, I have a rule that I usually follow: Peace is my UMPIRE!

Colossians 3:15 and Philippians 4:7 speak to us about letting the peace of God rule in our hearts. I know that God is not the author of conflict, confusion or turmoil, so I can tell when something is not of God. If after praying and weighing options, I am at peace then I trust that it is of God or at least safe to proceed. I should mention that there have certainly been times where I have wanted something so badly that my eager desire felt like peace, and I have ended up in turmoil. I am now more intentional about truly seeking peace from God before proceeding.

What I noticed this week was that while I am saying PEACE is my UMPIRE that I am not letting it truly be my "umpire" when I am rehashing and analyzing most of my decisions. My boys played baseball this year and there were more than a few times that the umpires made bad calls. One even cost us a game, but never did they go back on their call. It was safe or out and that was final.

How many times have we known God has said NO to something or someone, but we have second guessed ourselves and ended up delaying the inevitable. Perhaps, He has said YES, but the fear of change keeps us doubting and questioning and we are lost in a sea of "what ifs?" We get too comfortable in a life that doesn't need the God of the IMPOSSIBLE, so we don't see Him that way. We put Him in a box.

If we could truly allow PEACE to be our umpire and stop questioning our decisions and trying to create our own outcomes, and allow God to fulfill His promises because we won't make it without Him, then we move from doubters to water walkers. We waste so much precious time analyzing, and sometimes we miss the joy of what that decision brings in effort to question it. We miss the excitement of allowing Him to show up for us. When He has given us the peace, and we still wrestle with doubt, we aren't trusting.

All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.
— Matthew 5:37

Perhaps the master of distraction has delayed our destiny keeping us entangled questioning our own decisions even after God has said, "Go!". Perhaps, today we can stop wrestling with wasted thoughts and allow peace to become our umpire. We do have the power to stop toxic thinking, and when we want freedom desperately enough, we will say "No more!"

In His Grip,

Rochelle FrazierComment