Sometimes the most courageous thing you can do is.....

I can't tell you the number of times I have heard the flight attendant instruct the passengers....

please put your own oxygen mask on first before assisting another passenger.

You have probably heard these same words so much that you put your earphones in before they are spoken. Yes, we know to put our mask on before assisting another. We know this, but would we?

Or is the question we?

There is something about the nurturing nature of a woman's heart that feels obligated to mask the entire plane before even searching for her own. How selfish it would be to reach for our mask first, right? Something has been engrained in us that a real woman or a good mother must sacrifice her own health or peace or joy to first serve others.

However, she often finds herself in a place where the endless times of sacrifice take a toll on her soul. The place of depletion does not impart wisdom or love by rather weariness and emptiness.

An empty woman drains others. A full women overflows.

I suppose I have spent this past season wearing my own oxygen mask. I wrestled with stepping back from writing and speaking, but I see now that it wasn't shrinking back, after all, but a renewal of faith....a deeper place of trust to speak from. A renewed spirit to overflow in writing and a freedom that would become people free people.

Sometimes the most courageous thing we can do is rest.

Breathe. Listen. Surrender to His plans and the molding of His hands.

This past weekend was my first women's retreat in months, and I felt led to have the women spend some time in stillness....A stillness that may make them uncomfortable, but that was necessary. Could you lay in the presence of the Lord and stop all of your effort and simply breathe and feel and listen? Could you find that in this stillness that He would Heal and fill and touch places only reserved for His hands?

It was a WOW weekend seeing God move when women came to a place of rest.... a place where they found the truth that it is VITAL we put our own mask on first before assisting others.

It isn't selfish to put the condition of your heart first. It is necessary. We can't be the mother, wife, daughter, friend, or mentor when we are on empty. We can't seek to lead others to the presence so desperately that it leaves not space for His presence in our own lives. Nothing can replace the Presence we only find in stillness. Be still and know.....It is in the resting that He fills us to overflow and from that place we become a spring of living water that brings life to all those we touch.

You have permission to rest.

This year we will embark on a new journey here to freedom. This year we will detox our theology, our thinking and our living, so that we can live in freedom.

Who the Son set free is free indeed! John 8:36

Freedom is not an exception, but your inheritance!

In His Wings,



Rochelle FrazierComment