Becoming A Woman Whole- Part One

I mentioned in my previous blog that I desired to spend some time this year DETOXING. Detoxing our minds and thoughts, our bodies, and even our theology. A year to become WHOLE as the word Sozo found 110 times in the New Testament suggest is God's plan for believers. He doesn’t want to simply save us, but to make us WHOLE…

Saved, Healed and Delivered.  

Don't we all desire to be whole? Whole is a broken heart healed. Whole is a mind no longer paralyzed by fear or insecurity or rejection. Whole is to be truly free from the tormenting thoughts of the enemy that bind us. Yes! Yes! Yes! Whole is to have a mind renewed to the mind of Christ so that the reflection we see in the mirror is not one flawed or aged, but the reflection of His life in us. Don't we all long for that freedom?

Wrecked by His touch in the depths of my soul, I have spent the last 7 years rewiring my theology. I will never forget that morning on my knees with my forehead pressed into the word pleading for Him to reveal Himself to me. If there is MORE, I want it. The greatest breakthrough in my spiritual journey did not come when I said a prayer inviting Jesus into my heart, but with a pure heart crying out I admitted...

I am not sure if I love you, but I want to. I want to. I want to love like David did. I want You to say, "Rochelle, she is a woman after My heart."

I cried out and He came.

Whether taught or assumed I can’t exactly recall, but my theology from a young age was that you say a prayer inviting Jesus into your heart to avoid a place of darkness and fire that made my little bones tremble. I can't count the number of preachers that had come into my life from church to youth camp that filled me with fear of hell or disappointing God.  This life in my mind was about awaiting the day when I entered into those pearly gates praying I had not disappointed Him to the point that I would be cast out. I had not then collided with the love of the Father nor His amazing grace though I sang those words for as long as I can remember.

To become whole we have detox some theology that hinders us from ever becoming who He called us to be.

If you declare with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9

I should mention the word for saved here is SOZO. This scripture has become part of the foundation that drives us to say a pray inviting Jesus into our hearts to assure our salvation, but there is so much to pondered in this one He really LORD of our lives? Do we really BELIEVE it in our hearts? Is this part of becoming WHOLE rather than a ticket in?

If we do BELIEVE, our lives should look like it.

I know for much of my life I have been a spiritual schizophrenic allowing Him to be Lord when it didn't make me uncomfortable or when He was moving on my time schedule, but when His being Lord called me to step out on water or called me to wait I often found myself becoming my own master. I can do this. We do this, don't we?

How do we know if He is Lord?
Are we at a place of laying down the badge at our job if He says too despite the funds in our account? Are we at a place of giving away our car if He says to? Would we move if He said it is time? Are we willing to check out of our social calender if He says I need you to get alone with Me? Are we willing to sit out of baseball for a season or two if God says the condition of your son's heart is more important than his batting average or even a college scholarship?

The world would say you are crazy for saying "Yes!" to most of these request. However, if we are honest, we have gotten trapped into what the world says is right or good or responsible rather than choosing to walk by faith. He did not say the righteous live by comfort and responsibility. No, He said the righteous will live by faith, and He takes no pleasure in those that shrink back (Hebrews 10:38). He even said people not of the Spirit will not understand you. They will even think you are foolish. (1 Corinthians 2:14)

We should not fear Him calling us out on water that is uncomfortable, but we should expect it. We should not fear others thinking we have lost our minds, but we should expect it. The person without the Spirit will never understand you. There is no room for people pleasing in the life a believer.

We must detox the world view that we have taken on as theology.  We can not save our face and seek His. If we truly believe in our hearts, it has to become ALL about Him - the One that died to set you FREE!

I believe the prayer of a pure heart offering up our lives to the Lord is less about getting into Heaven and more about getting Heaven into us.

Believing otherwise has driven out the power of Holy Spirit from our churches. When it is about getting into heaven, we have done our part in saying a prayer and we are set and our ticket secure. Many then await the day in glory when we take up residence with our King, and in doing completely miss the Kingdom that Jesus said was at hand.

This life was never meant to be lived simply to pass from here to there. The life post the cross was about getting heaven into you and unleashing the Kingdom of God into the places we go. Our mission was to create an atmosphere where the glory of God manifest healing the sick and mending the broken and awakening the dead bones and restoring those fallen. He sent His son to emulate life of a believer…..Me wrapped in flesh looks like this. I am changing you to bear My image.

If we want to become WHOLE, we will have detox the things we believe that have allowed us to settle when there is so much MORE. A whole woman is not empty, but full. She has purpose and leaves a legacy. If we want to become WHOLE, we need to look at our lives an identify what or who really is our master.  If we want to become WHOLE, we need to look at in the depths of our heart and see do we really believe, because if we do everything must change.

What if we read this verse with sozo in mind.....

If you declare with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be WHOLE.  Romans 10:9

An empty woman drains others, but a full woman overflows. Your life was meant to be prolific and overflowing with the love of God that changes atmospheres. There is nothing in your life worth holding onto that will fill you like becoming the woman you were destined to be.

Who are you becoming?

This week, I will help you work through this message. I will pose questions for you to ponder and scriptures to soak in. We will dig and uproot and detox what we believe that is not aligned to Jesus.

Today and this evening begin to ponder this thought of getting Heaven into you.
Read the Lord's Prayer. Matthew 6:9-13.

Think about what you believe or have believed and does it align to Jesus?

Has life been about checking boxes or changing atmospheres?

Has life felt empty or full?

Has life been waiting for "the" day or unleashing the kingdom today?

His Beloved,




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