Pearl One: The American Gospel is not Jesus.


The American Gospel leaves out something vital...Jesus!

Today, we need to look at our lives, our calendars and our plates spinning and see what on that plate is simply there because we have bought into the wrong Gospel. Don't you want your life back? Aren't you tired of spinning? Have you ever wondered how you could have so much going on while at the same time long for your life to matter and have meaning? The problem is that we have aligned our life to the American Gospel that is far from Jesus. The American Gospel teaches us that we should fit in, tolerate, and conform, and we have, and as a result our country has no moral compass. It teaches us to climb a ladder on the wrong mountain so that we fit in the "picture of success" and our families have paid the price for absent parents. It leads us to acquiring and possessing things that say to others that we have arrived. It sends us searching for our own identity as we live our lives at the baseball field or at cheerleading competitions trying to be the "good mom." The American Gospel encourages us to serve on committees to assure our children and families get recognition that has zero eternal significance, and while their resumes look fabulous the condition of their hearts is failing. It leads many to working multiple jobs or mounds of debt so that their kids have everything they want but believe they need and deserve, and the stress of keeping up is wearing them thin and taken a toll on their marriage. Perhaps we do have excess to overly bless our children, but how do we justify that our teenage girls carry hand bags that could feed a village in Africa for a month or maybe three.....where is Jesus in this? The American Gospel is eroding the souls of our children anchoring them to an entitlement spirit while there remain 805 million tummies in the world hungry.


Jesus said....You will find your life when you lose it. Jesus says to give and love. Jesus said store up treasures in Heaven not on earth. Jesus said I am your provider. Jesus said love me and love your neighbor. Jesus said seek the Kingdom first and all things will be added.

What Gospel will you live from?

I choose Jesus!

I do believe we can bless our children, but we must first and foremost make certain that they are aligned to the Gospel of Jesus. Take the weekend to ponder this pearl. Be thankful. This is not  condemnation just an invitation to a new way of living.

The Beloved,

Rochelle FrazierComment