Pearl Two: Heaven is In YOU

Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

Luke 17:21

One of the tragic mistakes I made on my spiritual journey was believing that committing my life to Jesus was about passing from this earth into Heaven. We sang songs in our church about "One Day In Glory" and I fixed my eyes on a destiny that would one day come.... hopefully a day far from then when my hair was silver and my life had been full. As a young girl, I attended a crusade revival that scared me almost to death, and I ran to the altar in fear of this burning furnace. My theology was completely tied to my entering into pearly gates and avoiding the flaming pit where evil reigned. Believing I had the "God card" checked and I was sealed for eternity, I began seeking meaning in life in everything but Him only to find myself empty. It was when I began stepping out into "Kingdom Business" that something deep within me began to bubble and pour out.  Speaking life into the lives of broken, stopping to pray over the sick, declaring His word to my mountains, giving my nights up for searching youth, loving the hard to love, stopping to feed the hungry....These acts began to tap into something that never before had been touched. I like to say that we are laced with Divine DNA that knows are destiny and keeps you at a place of longing until you find it. We were meant to be about Kingdom Business. Heaven is not a destination to arrive to, but a gift we have to offer back to a hurting world.



Jesus taught the disciples that the Kingdom of God was at hand, with us, and in us. He said we should even pray for it to come......Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. (Matthew 3:2, Matthew 4:17, Matthew 6:10, Mark 1:5, Luke 10:9, Luke 11:20 etc...)

We can spend our lives in churches and still miss the power of God within us. I spent 31 years a lost "Christian." I remember the weekend I was at an event and I was asking the Father....Is healing of today? Do I really have the power within me as your disciples did? I had been stirring after hearing one pastor say that the gifts are not of today and yet another pastor challenge...Don't let your faith be limited by powerless "Christians," because an experience beats an argument every day.  Thus the reason for my questions, and He answered....walk in it! (He speaks to me in three words usually....Be the rock! Harvest is ripe!, but that day it was Walk in it!) So I along with one hundred other women decided to walk in it as we prayed for healing over a barren woman with a tumor taking up most of her abdomen. A week later this woman was told that they were mistaken that what they thought was a tumor was a baby.

There should be evidence that you believe.....

He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.
John 7:38

His Beloved,