Pearl 9: Anointing Comes From Crushing

Pain pushes people to the edge....Pain brings out the best in people along with the worst. Pain strips away all the illusions required to maintain status quo. Pain begs for change, and when those in its grip find no release on earth, plenty of them look to heaven - including some whose formal belief systems preclude such wishful thinking.

Barbara Brown Taylor from An Altar in The World

I sometimes laugh at how lost I once was, especially since that season of my life I was most certain I had it all figured out. Lol! I quoted scripture then like I was making legal arguments and I am pretty confident I caused more than a few to run from anything remotely "Christian," because there was nothing desirable about the "righteousness" I so wrongly professed. I fell into the trap of believing that pain in someone's life was a sign of their own falling. So when pain arose in my own, I did as any good Southern girl would do and I stuffed well. I was the master of face lifts always looking as if I had it all together. Of course, there is always an explosion on the horizon of a good stuffer and a bless her heart to follow. It was never pretty.

I wonder sometimes what I would say if I could speak to my 30 year old self? Could I find words in a Jesus loving way to strip her of such toxic theology?  I am beginning to think it is easier to teach GRACE to the person lost in the bar than to the one as lost in the church as I was.  Praise the Lord, I finally met Jesus. Now there's a book title: Jesus Saves.....Even Christians? Lol!   Just for giggles, I think I would send my precious friend Marcia back to work on the old me. She is the one and only Marcia, and I am just waiting for her life to become a reality show. If you think following Jesus is boring, you need to spend time with our Marcia because she will "jack you up" for Jesus in ten minutes flat!! I can hear her speaking to the old me......"Whaaaaat????" (insert her something is seriously wrong here face) ......Bless your heart, Honey, you have this whole Jesus thing really jacked up! Lets just be are scaring the Jesus out of people. Stop it! And I thought my shorty short tennis skirts use to be a problem.....Heavens, they don't have anything on this!

I certainly did have jacked up theology. I had the pain thing jacked up too!


In effort to be "righteous" or good we can avoid pain or seek to stuff it, but the truth is that sometimes it is only through the crushing that our lives begin to flow from it something life giving.

If you study the ingredients of anointing oil, you will find olive oil is the major component. The oil from the olive comes from crushing the olive to the point that the juices flow. Our lives can be similar to the olive in that sometimes it is only through crushing that we ever find our anointing or the knowledge that we are the "Chosen Ones."

Without crushing, we fall too easily to pride and a sense that we are in control and can lead. For me, it was the crushing that brought me to the place where I could look up to see I had missed Him. The humbling that came with the crushing allowed me to see with new lens. Fallen I would no longer cast judgement or point fingers, because how could I?  If we allow it, pain awakens us to a higher calling that comes not out of effort but out of surrender.

It grieves me the years I lost allowing my pain to halt my destiny. I bought into a lie that pain disqualified me from any sort of calling, but if we look at the Word of God pain didn't disqualify the called but rather it ushered them into their calling. Look at the lives of David or Job or Ruth or Esther or Mary Magdalene or Paul or Peter or John. Their lives were not free from pain or crushing, and they were without a doubt anointed.

You have a choice to believe that your pain disqualifies you from a higher calling or allow it to usher you into the calling He has on your life.

And it is God who establishes us with you in Christ, and has anointed us,  and who has also put his seal on us and given us his Spirit in our hearts as a guarantee. 2 Corinthians 1:21-22


Love Your Life,