Pearl Six: Open the Eyes of Your Heart

One of the first signs of the inner workings of the Holy Spirit in my opinion is the lens change. Naturally we see with our eyes what is tangible, what is on the surface, and we often focus on packaging. This view is dangerous and often causes us to add salt to open wounds with our words or actions even unknowingly. Sometimes we even feel justified as we slay others with our eyes and words. Focusing on the surface causes us to become exclusive shutting out those that don't fit or we fear may  "taint" us by their presence. Thus the reason why so many are running from "Christians" today and the numbers are growing on those leaving churches. I recall a speaker once sharing a story of trying to rescue a girl from a nightclub and how he was grieved when questions came from church members that he would even associate with such a woman. I ask...where would Jesus be? If He stopped for the woman at the well, I am certain He would be rescuing His daughters from nightclubs too.


Your heart sees, but quite differently than the eyes in your heard that focuses on flesh. The eyes of your heart see the root. The eyes of your heart have compassion. The eyes of your heart see opportunity. I have learned that everyone has a root. No woman decided she wanted to wake up and sell her body because it would be fun. In most cases she has been abused, neglected or abandoned. We should  not accuse her, but weep for her and every other woman that feels she is worth so little that she should give herself away. The woman with five husbands at the well with Jesus had a root. The child cutting has a root. The man full of pride has a root. The homeless man wreaking of alcohol has a root. The woman with six children living on welfare has a root. The little girl bullying has a root. Her mother has one too. The dad that doesn't show up has a root.

Jesus saw roots. Jesus didn't run from those that would "taint" his reputation but He met them. An encounter with Jesus freed them. Our presence as a temple of the Holy Spirit should not condemn others but free them.

Today I pray that the eyes of your heart be enlightened so that you know the hope to which He has called you. May you see the root in others not their surface. May you also take a moment today to forgive yourself for those moments you have not been who you desired to be, because sweet friends you too have a root. He sees your root. He understands. He wants to open your heart to see the needs of others, because when we truly know Him and our heart is aligned to His, we too want no one left behind.

My children and I love Coffey Anderson. May he bless you with his words...Open the Eyes of my heart Lord!

His Beloved,