Pearl 15: Sponges eventually sour

I had someone once share their heart struggle of feeling like something was missing even though they attended church often, read the Word often and even prayed. How could it be that I am doing all of this yet feel spiritually dry she questioned? My question was this....whose life are you pouring into?

The problem is that we have made church all about me. I want the pastor to fill me and the worship to move me and the seats to be comfortable. We have made church more about us and our needs than simply coming together to worship Him and getting the equipping we need to be disciples. Go make disciples of Nations. He didn't say go make them Baptist or Methodist or Presbyterian. He said disciples. We have focused more on making people converts than disciples, which has left us with a church full of sponges and as we all know, sponges eventually sour. Our lives and our stories of Grace were meant to be replicated.


I am reminded of the word people will perish for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6

Sweet friends, we must realign our lives to the Word of God rather than culture. I have heard it said that going to church makes you no more a Christian than sitting in a garage makes you a car. The truth is that God never said they will know you are mine by your attendance record or because of how well you pray, but rather by how you love. (John 13:5) They will know you are His by how you love. We were never meant to be reservoir of his love and truth, but conduit. I always encourage women that are struggling to start pouring out. I have found that it is impossible to doubt when you are focused on pouring out. I don't know how to explain it but I know that despite how tragic my day may seem if someone approaches me in need, the Spirit of God steps in and I become Ro the Encourager!!! In my effort to help lift another from the pit, I realize I'm not in the verge of it either.

I saw this shift first when I began sharing my story. It took me about fifty times before I shared my story without tears. The hurt and pain was real and fresh and I leaked it. However, as I poured out my life into others the healing began. The time would come that I would tell it not with tears but with laughter that I survived those years. We overcome by the power of testimony which means we must become conduit.

If today's pearl speaks to you and you feel as if you have become the sponge, I challenge you to sit with the Father today and ask Him to impress three people on your heart that you can be intentional about pouring into.  I pray there are divine appointments today that align you with people that God needs you to speak into. God doesn't call the qualified but qualifies the called right? You, sweet friend, are His disciple. Now go make disciples of nations!

Love Your Life,