Do you have a MANIFESTO?

I have always loved this time of year. It seems like we get a fresh palette to paint a new chapter of our lives on despite what the year before brought us. A new year. A new resolution to be different or to grow or to experience. We begin dreaming a little of how things will be different this year. We may add something to a bucket list that seems to be getting longer by the year, because who has time or money to ever tackle it, right? 

Yet even though great intention is there... days can turn to weeks and weeks to months and before we know it we are right back to this place of sitting making new resolve yet very little looks different than the year before. (Insanity = Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.) Have you been here to this place of longing for it to be different but history keeps you comfortably rooted in a place of complacency? Is there more?

Are you still knit to toxic relationships? Or are vital relationships suffering?  Is the extra weight still nagging you while comfortably nestled around your waist? Is the drive to work still agonizing? Is your spiritual life empty? Still longing to find some purpose that says your life matters?

Interestingly, we as a country spend more time planning a family vacation than we do our lives. No wonder days become weeks and weeks become years and we end up bogged down in regret that we missed His timing. I studied life coaching a few years back and I learned through my coursework that if you have an idea there is a 10% chance you will see it through. However if you make a commitment to another person to implement a plan to see it through, the percentage goes to 65. To take it a step further (thus the need for a life coach:), if you have a person that holds you accountable to taking the steps to see the vision through, there is a 95% probability that the idea will become reality.

Perhaps what has held you back from your NEW YEAR truly becoming a NEW CHAPTER is that you never properly invested in your idea or vision or desire? It was a mere thought, hope or wish without proper seeding. What if you made a decision to go fully after the life you wanted? What if you took your vision, created a plan, shared it with a friend and found someone to hold you accountable?

I dare to say that this could be the year that changes the whole direction of your life!

So where do we start? A Manifesto! A manifesto is a public declaration of your life mission! It is basically a personal mission statement written out declaring to the world what you believe, what you will leave and how you will live. When you really think about it, it is a little crazy the details we put into a Disney trip, yet the lack of time we sit asking God to reveal to us our life mission!

So I challenge you this week to sit with God and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you on writing your Manifesto! Take a step to giving life to your vision.

You can play with words like.....

I believe.......

I love.......

I vow to see.....

I want to be remembered....

I have a dream.....

I would love if you would share your Manifesto here with us!!! Perhaps we could be that friend you embraced your vision with.

My passion for this year is to lead people to a life they love!

But be prepared you must lose it to find it!


Love Your Life,


My Manifesto

In Short
I am compelled by a Greater Love to lead others to Him! 
My life will be His love song that brings others to His feet.

In Full

I am compelled by a Greater Love to lead others to Him. I believe the love of God poured out upon His people could heal the wounds of the world and I pray for it daily.  I believe God's Word spoken aloud has the power to shift atmospheres and break down walls and barriers and I am committed to speaking it over my city. I believe in the power of unity and will be intentional in bridging people together. I believe the great commission was a calling to all of God's people and we should take it seriously. I believe there should be evidence of God's children and that evidence is love and I vow to leak it.  I believe our world is lost because too many have bought into a gospel that is not Jesus and they are sitting waiting rather than working to bring the Kingdom of God to Earth, and I will not miss one opportunity to set captives free awakening them to the Gospel of the Kingdom (The gospel Jesus taught).  I vow to pour my life into the next generation to leave this place better than I found it. I desire for my children to say they had the best mom in the world and my husband to be thankful every day that God chose me to be His wife. I vow to live a life that leads others to His feet. I want to be remembered most for making His name known as a vessel of His love and His name is Jesus!!!

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