A Revival Spirit

Last Friday night started my season speaking into the lives of women for 2016. I have been claiming this year will be a year of REVIVAL in the hearts of women. Oh how I stand in awe to see prayers come to life.   You can tell when someone has that moment. When truth hits and soil is primed and the light comes on.  Words fall short to sufficiently describe beholding a woman wake up to God.  I believe our souls long to be a part of this moment. We were made for this....I call Kingdom business!  Oh how many years I wasted seeking to be filled by careers or men or titles or social status....only to look full but feel empty. How life changes when the light comes on and then again when we find our place in His Kingdom!

While I saw revival happen in the hearts of women Friday night, I also found revival in my own heart. A revival of commitment to my purpose! A revival that I pray will stir in you today as you take this in. In leaving the event, I realized how easily I can step out of what God has called me to do and lose focus. The day to day living can turn into weeks and months and we have missed our purpose chasing obligations and doing our "womanly" duties, and we find ourselves exhausted and weary longing for something more! I remember Christine Caine saying once, "I will no longer let laundry keep me from Kingdom business!" Can I get a Hallelujah!! (I hate laundry...no matter how much I do, it's always there!) The enemy of this age doesn't have to use alcohol or the like to bind us, he can simply keep us busy or distracted or send us on a whirlwind keeping up with a culture that has lost it's Jesus. Could we really let this I AM WOMAN HERE ME ROAR thing die? Perhaps then we might actually come to life??

The woman who can do it all DOES NOT exist just in case you have missed that truth. The woman trying (like I often do) is leaving things undone. She is giving pieces of herself to many things and nothing is getting enough of her most often, or if it is her health is paying the price.  Something to ponder.....I was once encouraged by a dear friend to look at my "plate," identify what will break if I let it go and what can bounce?  Then, let what can bounce....bounce! Yes, dear friend, it is okay to let things bounce....the world will not end because you step down from that position that is consuming your life yet has no eternal significance, you children will survive if they actually have to act like children because you don't have time or money to compete with Pinterest, and you might actually get some sleep if you release, delegate, and begin to gain some focus:) (Preaching to me too!!) He lifts up the humble not the proud supermom believing she must do it all, right? This "American Gospel" has seriously jacked us up!!!  It has consumed our focus toward things that have no Kingdom value, and ultimately we spend half of our lives working to the bone for things we don't need and the other half in sports arenas of some sort using time outs and half times to get social media updates because there is a tight race on which of the two truly is the"American Idol." Lord save us!!! :)

Last week, I was trying to confirm a summer mission trip for our church and my initial thought was to weave it in between cheer camp or all-stars or summer camp, and I heard the Holy Spirit say....My how my seasons have changed. I immediately began to reflect on the words of Solomon...

There is a time for everything, and a season of every activity under the heaven: a time to be born a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot....(Ecc 3:1-2)

Yes, I was a little convicted. My how seasons have changed! A season to plant has now become football season or baseball season or basketball season or cheer season and around here deer season. Conviction reigns and I am beginning to wonder if the third world country really needs us and our things messing with their peace-filled simplicity! Hmmm...

I wonder if you have gotten lost in the daily rituals driven by an American Gospel that left out Jesus? Has God called you to something or gifted you with something that would fulfill your place here that you have pushed aside because you simply don't have time? Have you bought into "When I__________________________then I will _____________________," and now days have turned to weeks and weeks to years and you haven't quite stepped into your position to release Heaven on Earth?

He says, Seek my Kingdom and all will be added, not give me your crumbs after you are exhausted from ALL the things running your life. He isn't about performance, but rather relationship!

Do we take Him at His Word? Seek my Kingdom and all will be added (Luke 12:31)

If we truly let things bounce and begin to look up, would things begin to fall in place?

Do we need to hit our knees today and hand over the things taking our focus?

Do you need like I did to offer up a prayer to ask for help gaining focus?  He says boast in our weakness for His power is made perfect in our weakness!! (2 Corinthians 12:9)
(Can I be real and say I added to this prayer some essential oils that claim "focus", Omega 3s and some background rhythmic music that my friend claims helps too? This means I am serious! Distraction will not take me from the very thing that I am called to do.)

A REVIVAL is an awakening! It doesn't happen to a building but rather in us! My prayer for you is that you are awakened to a greater purpose with a passion and focus that allows Him to finish what He started in you.  I believe we all have this same great purpose to walk in the power and love of a very real and present God and that power and love will begin to heal our homes and community and nation.

If you haven't tapped into the power source, perhaps this is the season to let everything bounce and Be Still and get to know your Father!


In His Grip,


Rochelle FrazierComment