Becoming Whole: Week 8 For Such A Time As This


Hello Beloved Esthers,

I apologize for being late today, but we just finished our Freedom Encounter and all I can say is WOW!! I am finding that as we heal and surrender, we awaken to His Presence in new depths.

The past few weeks I have sought to sit at His feet and drink more. My soul longs to be like Mary where I can push aside the demands of life and be still. He reminds me…this is eternal life that you KNOW me!{John 17:3} Eternal life is not reading about God nor church attendance. Eternal life is not found on a resume or even in a theological degree. Eternal life is not found when you break through the glass ceiling or when your child makes all star. Eternal life is that you KNOW Him!

I wonder what your view of Jesus is shaped by? Is it a Pastor that you have sat under their covering? Is it shaped by a movie that featured Jesus? Is it shaped by your disappointment? Is it shaped by those that claim to be Christians but had little fruit?  Is it shaped by men in your life or on the tv screen? “Real men,” right?

I want you to think about His life. Children ran to Jesus. Women were drawn to His feet.  One would be remembered forever for washing His feet with her hair. A woman that walked in sickness pushes through to touch Him and receive healing. Another woman possessed with demons encounters Him and is set free and follows Him even to the cross. The man closest to Him calls himself His beloved. This same man was known by others as one of the sons of thunder. This same man was found reclining on His chest at the Last Supper. One man gets out of a boat and walks on water just to get closer to Him.  Are you getting this picture of this man who walked in the fruit of the Spirit. He was love and joy and peace and kindness. He stood up for injustice and went out of His way to meet the least expected. He broke the mold of the culture to reach people with His love.  

I just have to say that I have never seen an earthly man that lived this picture that I see in scripture of Jesus. He is not like another. He is far from the image of John Wayne that our culture raises up men to follow. This longing within you for something more….is to KNOW this man! This is eternal life.

In our pursuit of wholeness, we need to be able to surrender our hearts to Him. If we are comparing Him to men in our lives or those who have let us down, then we will not move to this place of surrender. If we are seeking other people or things to meet the deepest longings of our souls, we live in disappointment and behind walls of deceiving idols. There are needs in your life that only He was meant to satisfy. If we look to anyone other than God to meet these needs, we open a door to bondage. This season is about being vulnerable so He can walk through the doors we have opened and help us close them.
So I ask you today to erase all of these images of other men that you compare Him too. I ask you to release Him from the hurts by other men in your life. The distrust that you live from because of other peoples mishandling of your heart can’t be transferred to the only what that can love your back together again. The false theology that He is mad, angry or disappointed must be released, because with these beliefs we will strive for approval rather than rest in His love. There is power in REST.

There is power in Surrender.

I feel like today is a day of just sitting with Him and allowing Him to show you His heart. That you would taste and see His goodness. That you would find that freedom and healing and deliverance is found when you invite Him in. Where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom! 2 Corinthians 3:17

You will find the assignments here this week. Get prepared because God is showing me so many things that I can hardly wait to share! It's going to be a great week!

Week 8



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