Week 6: Becoming Whole: Give Me An Undivided Heart Is Found at His Feet

Hello Beloved Esthers,

This week we will seek to move closer to the undivided heart. In Ezekiel God promises to give us an undivided heart and a new spirit. He promises to remove our hearts of stone and give us a heart of flesh.  {Ezekiel 11:19}  I wonder if there are areas of your life where you have grown numb? Has your heart hardened to stone? Years of disappointment or abuse or neglect or confusion can have it’s way on our hearts. A whole heart is a powerful force. A whole heart brings forth that voice of Esther that we are believing for in this season. These voices willdecree life over cities and nations like ours that are failing. You need only look at the news for a few moments in this election season to see that our nation is in a desperate place. I could not even imagine a day when you look to a presidential election and you pray for the lesser of two evils. We aren’t choosing morals or integrity or character or leadership to represent our nation, but crying out for God to protect us. While our political platform should cause most any believer to grieve, I am reminded that at the same time I am seeing God move like never before. I am seeing His spirit poured out. I am feeling His presence in a new depth. I am seeing others rise up in boldness like never before stepping out for faith. I have seen youth worship in a way that was not even fathomed twenty-five years ago when I myself was a youth. So I am growing to believe that the political nonsense is the enemies last attempt to halt the move of God on Earth, and knowing the power of your voice, he has fiercely attempted to keep your heart divided so that your voice is ineffective for the Kingdom.

Esthers we need your voices. When the enemy comes, like a flood the Spirit of The Lord will raise a standard against Him. May we stand and flood this place with the love of God. May you get so bold that you spend your lunch break walking the streets of your city decreeing freedom and love. May you get so uncomfortable for the sake of the glory of God to be manifest in this place that you would look crazy if God weren’t real. Are you with me? We don’t have time to wait until March 11th to speak out. It is time to start confessing destiny over things in our lives. It’s time to call forth something radical to happen in this pivotal season for our country.

I saw an interesting and quite moving image on Pinterest the other day that said that it was okay to be a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time. I love that! So we commit to the work of healing our wounded hearts so that our voices speak from a new place of authority, but we also decided to stand on some of that authority now because our nation is in a desperate hour.

I have been asking God why a lot lately? Why do the wicked seem to rise? Why are even some “christian” Leaders so deceived? Why aren’t we seeing the healing that we desire? Why aren’t we setting some free that we so desire? Why doesn’t the woman get up out of the chair and walk or the brain that I saw exposed in Honduras come back together? This is what I hear this Sabbath as I prepare this week for you….

Get at my feet. Get at my feet. I promised you that I would give you living water, but you need to get in a position and drink and then out of your will flow rivers of living water.

On the last day of the festival, Jesus stood and said in a aloud voice, “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.  John 7:37-38

Your assignment this week will be to drink from His cup. Each day make space to get at His feet and allow Him to fill you. We don’t need revival, we need people of God so full of God that when we move atmospheres are changed. We are revival! We are the sons of God the earth longs to see. The culture of busyness is keeping us from the secret place with God where the filling happens. This same place is where the anointing that breaks the yoke is imparted. This place is where the identity shifts. This place is where joy is birthed. This place is where freedom reigns. Will you get at His feet? Will you drink?  We will work on our hearts this week, but I want your first priority to be to drink from His cup!

Listen to this beautiful song that we found in Honduras.

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