Becoming Whole Week 10: Cultivating A Spiritual Hunger This Week

Hello My Beloved Esthers,

I once heard someone say,

“Your level of hunger will determine what you receive”.

You have probably heard me say that need doesn’t move God, or Africa would be the wealthiest nation in the world. Hunger or passion moves God obviously by the calling to….seek, seek, seek. This truth I have lived out. As I have soughtto hear His voice, know His heart, and feel His presence, He has always met my hunger. Hunger truly moves the hand of God. How hungry are you to find wholeness? What would you do to release the pain or fear of toxic thinking that has limited your freedom and halted your destiny?  Some women, from my experience, thrive on their pain. Their constant replaying and reliving only gives life to something that truly needs to die. If we seek to live from wholeness, we must come to a place where we desire our freedom more than someone paying for our pain. We must move from victim to victor and sinner to saint. Could we be known as the one that unleashes the Kingdom rather than the one that drains it?

A. W. Tozer says that what separates those who live the full Christian experience from those that live a half lit Christian life is that they realize that there is more and the more becomes the greatest thing in their life. The people that truly get it don’t throw God a bone on Sundays and if they are “really good” Wednesdays too and claim to be followers while living the other days however they choose. No, their faith is their life. They have tasted the goodness of the Father and decided to stop living off of crumbs and cultivated a spiritual hunger that leads them to the feast.

So what is a feast? Peace in the midst of financial crises because you know He is your source. Acceptance in the midst of rejection because you know He already chose you. Love when faced with false accusation because you know your real enemy is not the person who is sending condemning words but the enemy of your soul that knows he can steal your keys to the Kingdom by making you offended. Joy in the midst of grief because you have become intimate with the comforter.

You see a whole heart is synched to the Perfect Father and is not moved by circumstances but rather compelled by love. What compels you…. a wounded heart, a bitter heart, a rejected heart, a lonely heart or fear? I have great news….. He meets your hunger, so when you decide “enough is enough” He can take all of these pieces and love you back together again.

Remember He parted the seas, raised the dead, gave sight to blind, turned water into wine…..He can handle your heart. He’s just waiting to be invited in.

Today, perhaps you ask for a new hunger. We have been soaking now for ten weeks and the “new” may be wearing off, so it’s time to ask again…..Give me a holy hunger. A hunger for You, Father, like never before. A hunger for freedom and wholeness. A hunger for intimacy and to live out my destiny.

There is no pain His love can’t break…..

This is not the hour to shrink back but to press in like never before! A whole heart seeking Him has a promise attached….and you will find Me and I will bring you back from Captivity. Jeremiah 29:13-14

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