Becoming Whole Week 11: Operating In the Courts of Heaven

Hello My Beloved Esthers,

I am so excited to begin teaching!!! Hold on girlfriends, because we are about to get some powerful truth in our bones!!! One of the pivotal teachings that I found and I believe is a key to this season of soaking is “Operating in the Courts of Heaven” by Rob Henderson. My original intent was to save this teaching for later in our season, but I am seeing several prophetic words from other ministries that there is much activity in the Heavenly Courts right now, so I don’t want to miss aligning you to this activity. I am going to give you my best effort at making this multifaceted teaching easily digestible :) I highly recommend studying the topic more through Rob Hendersons teachings and books.

So follow me if you can……Esther’s destiny was to stand before the King of Persia, her husband, and plead her case to save the Jewish people. This was against culture and protocol for a woman to approach a King uninvited. There were consequences for such actions. The verdict would have more likely been off with her head than free her people, yet she fasted and prayed and stood for the nation despite her life being at stake.  I believe God is raising up Esthers in our midst that will stand with voices of authority and take back their own destinies, the destinies over cities, states and even nations.  I believe we are on the verge of thenext great awakening in our country, and the voices of women are key. I believe that Our voices {from a whole heart} will decree things into our atmosphere. As we become whole we become less “problem” or “me” focused and more Kingdom minded.

This soaking season was multifaceted for me just as I believe it was for Esther. In the days of Esther, it was custom for women to purify before approaching a King. For those being considered for Queen, they spent six months soaking or purifying in myrrh and six months being fragranced. The women would ultimately smell heavenly. Much like Esther this season is to soak the world off of us and purify us so that we begin to walk with a different aroma. It is a season of healing our hearts or detoxing the things that hinder our voices coming from a whole heart. Like Esther’s voice, I believe our voices are vital in this season. {Out of the abundance of the heart we speak!} I believe this season is to release our orphan spirits and receive a spirit of adoption. We can’t step into who we are if we cling to the deception of the enemy that makes us believe we aren’t enough, or aren't’ worthy or don’t belong. I also believe this season is about removing assignments and accusations of the enemy so that when we make a stand for nations, as did Esther, we are assuredthat the verdicts are in our favor. What we will learn from Rob is how to operate in the courts of heaven so that we canremove assignments and accusations that hinder destiny and step into the governmental authority that redeems people and land for the Kingdom of God.

Rob had this revelation that is supported in exhaustive scripture, and I highly recommend ordering his book on “Courts of Heaven” and “Opening Your Books of Destiny.” I will give you the short version and what I believe is key during our soaking season.

We need to understand the enemy’s role as ACCUSER.
We need to understand there are different ways to pray.
We need to recognize that there are books of destiny written about us.
We need to identify ways the ACCUSER comes to prevent destiny.
We need to learn how to operate in the courts.

This week we will focus on foundation of Operating in the Courts and next week we will begin to look at the assignments against our destiny more fully.  Are you ready to take back your destiny?

For today may we pray: Father,
We come to you this day to your throne of Grace. We thank you that you are merciful and no matter where we have been or what we have done, no matter how deep the sins of our forefathers, you offer the powerful blood of Jesus that covers, cleanses and redeems all things. We thank you that you long to see us redeemed. We thank you that you are our Champion Defender. We thank you that you are our Rock and Hiding Place. We thank you that as we come to a greater place of healing that we are meeting you in all of these ways!

In the name of Jesus, Amen

Week Eleven Assignments

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