How do you know He loves you?

Hello my beloved Esthers,

Each morning I have been sending you messages as led by the Father's heart to encourage you or challenge you on this journey. Since we have started this Becoming Whole season, it seems the words I send are always there. Sometimes the words come before I sleep, but most often I wake with a scripture or a song that leads me to your message. The program I use to send my messages is limited in words which is why they often come in two or three messages:)) It is also why I am sending you a link today to this longer message.

Last night I woke in the middle of a dream where I was a young girl singing "Jesus loves me." It seemed like just a random dream, but the song kept playing in my head as I tried to go back to sleep..."Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so. Yes, Jesus loves me. Yes, Jesus loves me for the Bible tells me so." And then I feel the Father impressing in my heart to expose the lie. At first I was thinking what lie is possibly in this little sweet childhood song, and then I hear ....for the Bible tells me so. And then He speaks this to me...

Yes, the Bible does tell them that I love them, but that little childhood song has become truth for too many women. The Bible says so, therefore He loves me. You see this is not the love the Father is after. This is not the love that frees you. Knowing the Word says He loves you will never transition your identity from wounded to beloved.

Paul tells us in Ephesians 3 that the heights and depths of God's love are hard to fathom. His love is so great! Paul prays we become rooted in this love and come to KNOW it and be filled to the fullness of His love. This is the desire of the Father that you would not read about His love or have the knowledge that His Word says it, but that you would come to KNOW it. If you believe that He loves you simply because His Word says it, then you don't press in to find the reality of HIS love.

I encourage you today to ask Him to reveal His love to you.  I encourage you to seek His love. When you seek you shall find. Some of us aren't seeking something more because though we are grown women in our flesh, in our hearts we are little girls still singing "Jesus loves me."

This weekend I had a new revelation of the Love of the Father as our Spiritual Leadership Team at our church blessed us in honor of Pastor Appreciation Day. As they showered us with their love and tears and hugs of appreciation, I felt in my marrow the heart of our Father through them. It was a pure love that I have not yet experienced. It moves me to tears remembering. Please don't limit God on how He reveals His heart to you, just be obedient to His voice and then one day you will say.....this is what Love is! Most often He will use people to show you just how much He loves you. Perhaps today you can reflect with Him on a time in the past when He used someone to reveal His love to you. You may have thought it was simply someone being kind when truly your Father was trying to awaken you to His love!

I pray this today that even through reading this message you will taste His love for you.



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