Week 12: Becoming Whole....Learning to Operate In The Courts of Heaven

Hello My Beloved Esthers,

Hopefully you survived the first round of holiday meals and family gatherings. Perhaps we are all ordering fit bits today to start walking off all of the extra cushion that suddenly appeared around our waist as we felt obligated to add to our already overflowing plates. I have yet to figure out how a few days can add on the same five pounds it takes a several months to get back off? In addition to Thanksgiving, I celebrated a birthday and an early anniversary since our anniversary week is here too, so my extra five feels more like fifteen and at “my age” the age is doing enough to my self esteem I don’t need the muffin top to add to it.  Ha! So I resolved to add to my spiritual detox a physical detox.

I am guessing you were like me last week occupied trying to meet the needs of many, and you may have missed the teachings I sent on the Courts of Heaven. This teaching is so vital I want to revisit this week the foundation, because we are spending the next few weeks learning how to operate in the courts and petitioning for verdicts in our favor.

This soaking season is composed of some of the most transforming teachings that I have found that have shifted my identity. This is hands down one of the key teachings to awaken our destiny if not the top. We must get this if we are truly seeking to step into our destiny, because the courts of heaven is where your destiny will be hindered or fulfilled.

The problem has been that we haven’t understood that we must grant God the legal right as Judge to fulfill His fatherly passion. He longs to answer and bless. Robert Henderson

Having you questioned why prayers aren’t answered?
Have you lost hope in some promises?
Do you feel like you are constantly falsely accused or things are taken from you without justification?
Do you long for purpose but can’t seem to find it?
Are there generational issues that have plagued your family?

These are all issues that can be resolved in understanding the Courts of Heaven. If you answered yes to several of these, I highly recommend ordering the book “Operating in the Courts of Heaven” by Robert Henderson from Amazon. It is about $10.  If you are one of those that needs to see every detail in scripture, you will have every piece of evidence you need to understand that there are Heavenly Courts.

When you read scripture now you will begin to notice words like judge, judgements, the righteous judge, verdicts, witnesses, courts, accusations, petitions everywhere. The entire Word is saturated with implications to the Courts of Heaven.

For Review:
Last Monday, we looked at your enemy as the ACCUSER. He is the accuser of brethren according to Revelation 12:10.  {Go back if you missed this and look at Monday.} The word in Greek for ACCUSER is like a Prosecutor. He goes to and fro looking for someone to build a case against in the Courts of Heaven.

Please understand that what Jesus did at the cross was enough to cover every accusation against us, but it is our job to repent for wrong actions, beliefs, words spoken, judgements made that don’t align to our inheritance and plead the blood of Jesus to nullify these accusations. The closer you get to your position of authority and unlocking your destiny, he will begin to build cases in the Courts of Heaven against you to deny your inheritance. He is after your inheritance.
Last Tuesday, we learned that there are different ways to approach God in prayer.

We can approach God in prayer in different ways as we looked at three different parables. { Visit last week if you missed this.} We can come to God our Father for our own needs. We can come to God as a friend to intercede for the needs of others, but when we have an adversary or we recognize that we are being blocked from our destiny, we can come to God our righteous judge in the Courts of Heaven. This is basically a different way to pray. It is not a warring prayer but a STRATEGIC PRAYER.  Henderson says that often when we don’t have our prayers answered we begin to strive and put behind our prayers more effort, but it doesnot produce fruit. This type of praying is usually trying to reclaim your inheritance which is not only your purpose but your health, finances, legacy, your identity and your relationship with the Father.

On Wednesday we looked at scripture that shows us books in Heaven.
We meditated on several verses…
Daniel 7:10, Psalm 40:6-8, Psalm 139: 16,  Hebrews 10:5-7 {Jesus’s scroll.}

So as we enter this week, we must understand our enemy is like a master prosecutor looking to build cases against our destiny. We have a book written in Heaven about what our life was destined to do, and we have a new way we are learning to pray that is strategic in approaching God as our Righteous Judge and pleading our case. We are not speaking to the enemy at this point. We are purely building our own cases to reclaim our destiny. 

For today, I want us to marinate on all of this information. Let this get into your spirit today, and revisit last week where needed to see scripture to support.

Assignment 12: Building Our Cases







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