Becoming Whole: It's TIME to SOAK!

Hello My Beloved Esthers,

Happy New Years Day! Oh how I love new beginnings!

I am bubbling over with expectation and anticipation about what this year brings. If you are just joining us, we have been SOAKING much like Esther since September 11th. This sixth month soaking I believe is preparing us for a release of an Esther anointing. I believe God is looking for women who are ready to live from DIVINE DESTINY, and as we soak off the world, our wounds, our expectations and disappointments, our heartache and our fears, we awaken to a new sense of purpose and identity. Like Esther this soaking season moves us from the orphan to the Queen. We begin to awaken to our true identity. We begin to see who we really are! The light in us comes on and we begin to live from the Divine DNA threaded in our souls! I believe this is in part what Jesus meant when He said He came to give us life in full {John 10:10}, He came to awaken us to who we really are, so that we would live like heirs rather than orphans. 

What lights the fire in me is helping women find freedom, intimacy and destiny! I believe that each one flows into the other. When women are free, they can connect more deeply to the Father. When we are connected to His heart, the desires of our hearts to live out what He put there will begin to consume us. We will then be compelled by love to live for something far greater that we could ever conceive. In the next ten weeks, we will focus on these three areas:


However, to embrace this ordained time we must get FOCUSED! And I can't think of a better time than now to do just that! We must remove distractions and get committed to our assignment here, because timing is vital with God and I am believing the time is NOW! Since organization and breaking busy cycles are not my wheelhouse, this past week, I looked to two women, Amy Lynn Andrews ( and Alli Worthington (,  because I know they do this better than me. So if you really need help in these areas, I would recommend visiting their websites for strategy to get your life back from chaos and busyness.

There were some “pearls” I took from what I gleaned from them that will lead me into this New Year that I will share with you. 

{You can read “Tell Your Time” ( ebook by Amy Lynn Andrews within an hour if this is an area you really struggle.}

My Pearls:
1.) I have control of my calendar. I will not let it control me! 

2.) I will be more focused with areas of my life that are important to me and my calendar will reflect my priorities.  Instead of over committing myself, I decided to make one change in each area to set myself up for success in 2017.

    Spiritually: Devoted time in the secret place with my Father…..aka: SOAKING

    Personally: I am committed to REST!

    Relationships: Intentional quality time with husband and kids. 

    Purpose: Focus on my writing. 

3.) I then created a weekly schedule. I put my nonnegotiable commitments in first like church, work and children's committed times.  I then plugged my priority items for 2017 in next.( Yes, I scheduled family time in my calendar. It is a place I can’t afford to give and neither can you:) I then added a wish list of things that I would love to do this season like exercise, read, serve and other family items, but I am not going to condemn myself if I can't meet these items. I am seeking to realign not set myself up for failure. I also tried to double dip where I could. For example: My husband wants to work out so I thought we could exercise together for some of “our time” since we could both use the exercise. You have permission to double dip too!:)

If we don’t FOCUS, days turn to weeks and weeks to months and months to years and then we end up with regret for all of the things we have missed. It is time to shut the door on regret and get FOCUSED! We will be in a different place next January than we are today! Hallelujah! I don’t think the enemy has to worry about driving me to an addiction, all he has to do is keep me busy so I miss the timing and purposes of God. So my greatest warfare in this season may be found in the word, "No!" How about you?

I also came to this resolve going into 2017. I don’t have to do what other women or mothers are doing. You don’t let other people's calendars or "social media" life dictate your peace and joy. You have permission to create a life you love! I will admit that I struggled this past season when I approached my boys to discuss the option of taking a season off of basketball.  Was I scaring them for life because they would be left out? Would they have mommy wounds from me stealing their moment on the courts? The result was that hours in a gym were traded for movie nights and monopoly and a whole lot of laughter:) This mom scored big! 

Today, I challenge you to look at your calendar and look at what is truly important in your life. If you want to invest in this season of SOAKING, claim this as a priority and schedule time in your calendar to get at His feet. You may have to get up early or you may make it a part of you night routine. If you work, it may be your lunch break is your only time that you can commit, but make a decision to commit.  I have heard that He can do more in six weeks at His feet than we can do sixty years on ours, so what if this is your moment that everything shifts for you? Isn't it worth a few months?

So I challenge you to commit to one  change you want to make this year Spiritually, Personally, Relationally and Purposely?

Printable Calendar

{Try this printable calendar to help FOCUS!}

I believe…

The best is yet to come! 

And you can love your life, rather than dread your calendar! 

Tomorrow you will receive your weekly assignments! We begin this week with FREEDOM ministry! You are going to love your life! Just press in!


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