Becoming Whole Week 14: Are you up for your divine assignment?

Hello My Beloved Esthers,

I have learned to pay attention more to God’s timing.  I hear the words from Ecclesiastes 3….
There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.

So I interrupt our cleansing and Courts of Heaven, to shift you to His timing. I did say this would be spirit led right? A little over a week ago, I received a desperate request to fill in for another speaker at an event near Dallas. The original speaker was unexpectedly sick and since I have been “Soaking” my calendar was open. I felt led to step in, but her topic was not one that I could just step into, so I offered to do the best I could in three days to come up with a Christmas themed message. A few years ago I did a Christmas event in Montgomery titled, “Moving from Woe to Wonder,” and it was the first thing that came to mind. While the title was resonating the message was not, so I continued to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  As I prayed, I had three things that were really speaking to my heart: Wonder, Mary and the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem. I begin to reflect on how the “woe” of the women crying out at the wall had awakened a new sense of WONDER in me. As I beheld their sobs and tears as their hands pressed to the wall that kept them barred from their sacred place, I had new a revalation of what I carried. To them, the muslims have possession of what use to hold the Holy of Holies. To them, the protocol into the presence of God has been taken for almost since Jesus. As I watch their tears fall, I am moved with awe realizing that what they cry out for I possess. I carry the Holy of Holies. I am now the Temple of the Holy Spirit. You are now the temple of the Holy Spirit. We don’t need their protocol, because Jesus tore the veil and made a new way…..that is why He says…I am the Way!

As I am reflecting on my days at the wall, I recall a dream I had in Jerusalem. I looked back in my notes and I found details from a dream I had while visiting the city. In my notes, I wrote that it was 1am and I felt wakened by the Lord to write down every detail of my dream because I was to deliver it as a message to women. I had forgotten this dream since May, but here I am entering into the Christmas season with a message I have never shared about Mary, the Wonder of her calling, and God’s desire to find vessels to carry, like Mary, divine assignments. I was certain this was the message to share with these women in Texas, so I did. As I came home I felt that there was more to this message. It wasn’t just a women’s event but a seasonal message. I shared the message with our church on Wednesday night. I believe timing is vital in the Kingdom of God, so if this message is for you, I would not want you to miss His timing, because I believe in my bones that some of you will leave this season EXPECTING!

The heart of our season of “soaking’ is to leave with DIVINE DESTINY. And perhaps it is time that our wombs become filled with that DESTINY as we approach the celebration of the birth of Jesus!  Because I believe this is a WORD to marinate in, I am dividing the days this week into the instructions I received from my dream. I must say that I am not a dreamer. I rarely remember dreams, so when I do they usually have significance as you will see.

One thing I recall about this dream was that I felt the scandal around Mary’s assignment. I must add…. please do not take offense to this word, scandal. I realize it bothers people when you associate scandal with Jesus or Christianity. However, the Greek word Skandalon represents the offense that religious people took to the behavior of Jesus. He defied almost everything they taught, and to them knowledge was power. Interestingly, Jesus didn’t use a bunch of scholars to unleash His kingdom and we must be mindful that we don’t let knowledge replace relationship as the Pharisees in the days of Jesus.

Back to Mary and my dream…. have you ever really pondered her assignment? Here she is a pregnant, unmarried young girl that lived in a culture that would justify stoning her. It wasn’t as if Joseph married her right away either to cover her protruding belly, because when she was traveling to Bethlehem she was still betrothed to him.  Can you imagine the words spoken over her by family, by community, by religious people? Can you imagine the loneliness? Can you imagine how it felt to know you had the Savior of the world in your belly, yet no one would make room for you to rest in an Inn?  Instead, Mary is put away with animals to deliver her first child. { No gender reveal party, or baby shower, or celebration or family dedication for this first time mother selected among all women ever created to carry our King…yet we feel slighted because our husbands didn’t think of getting us a gift for the birth of our children in exchange for our stretch marks, enduring contractions and our bodies that will never return to normal, right?} Then instead of the King announcing Jesus’s arrival, you are greeted with lowly shepherds and hear word that the King has ordered your baby’s death. Ultimately, she will raise Him, love Him and watch as He is tortured to death.

This could not have been what she imagined when she said, Let it be done to me according to thy word? Yet unknowingly she willing surrendered to His will.

I believe the timing is now for God to make us pregnant with divine purpose. I believe He is looking for women that would say just as Mary, “Let it be done to me according to thy Word.”  

Mary could have focused on the WOE surrounding her assignment and opted out of carrying the Savior of the World, but yet she held onto the WONDER of being chosen by God for a divine assignment.

So are you up for a DIVINE ASSIGNMENT?

Perhaps you lay at His feet today and bring Him your heart? Are you willing?

Week 14 Assignment



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