Becoming Whole Week 15: What are you living for?

Hello My Beloved Esthers,

I just love it when you realize you are right in the middle of God’s timing! In case you have missed it, we are right in the middle of God’s timing. In the South, we would say “smack dab” in the middle:))

I was led last week to detour slightly to embrace what I believe is a season of WONDER! Like Mary was chosen to carry a divine assignment, I believe God is looking for people that will move from woes of life and circumstances embracing fully the WONDER of this season. He is looking for vessels that would say be it done to me according to thy word!  And in those vessels, He would impregnate them with divine purpose.

We learned last week that this calls us to a new level of obedience, a new level of surrender, a release of comparison, a focus on the Father even over our family and friends, a season of removing naysayers, and a season found at His feet where assignments are given.

With all of this on my heart and seeking confirmation about where we go next, I grab a book I recently ordered….And David perceived His was King by Dale Mast. Thank you to my precious friend and worship leader Michelle Ellis for the recommendation. I am a voracious reader despite the years of profession that I despise English. I promise you that you can and need to recover from that vow, because leaders are readers. If you want to live out destiny, you need to be teachable! This book could not have been more perfectly timed!

Dale was studying the life of David when he was struck by the scripture…And David perceived that The Lord had established him king over Israel, and that he had exalted his kingdom for his people Israel’s sake. 2 Samuel 5:12

Dale’s thought was that if David all of a sudden perceived he was king then there was a time that he didn’t perceive that he was king, right?  “The crown was resting on his head and the people were calling him King David, but he didn’t fully comprehend that the Lord had established him as King of Israel,” says Dale.  He goes on to say that faith led him to slay a giant, but it would take identity to move him to the throne. This is what we are after…Identity. I believe that the soaking season for Esther was in part about identity. How could an orphan step into a position of Queen and even more the assignment to save her nation? How could she even grasp that she were worthy of such a calling if she truly identified as an orphan?  David much like Esther was the least expected to lead the people as King. He was just a shepherd boy and his own father didn’t even call him in when he was told that one of his sons would be anointed King. Even his father didn’t get his calling. Even his father didn’t see that David carried something bigger than him and his family. If your perception of you doesn’t match your assignment, it is impossible to live it out. Does this make sense? I remember when I was going through freedom ministry last year that I was asking God if there were vows that I made that I needed to shift to embrace my assignment. He led me to this….You have a vow that you are just a small town girl. It is hard to touch the nations as I am called,  if I am locked into a belief that I am just a small town girl.

I love how Dale says, faith says God can do it, but identity says God can do it through me. So to fully embrace that you are a carrier of divine assignment we have to move from faith to identity. Faith says that God can do a miracle, but identity says that I am believing He will do that miracle through me.

“If you don’t fully embrace your present identity, you will block, delay, or hinder what God has called you to do. Your life will not be as effective or fruitful as it possible can be. You must fulfill your destiny to help others enter theirs.” Dale Mast

I absolutely agree with Dale. There were seasons I did not feel worthy of my calling and I missed God because I made choices as a result of my false identity. However, when I stepped into my destiny, I began to touch other women to live out theres. I can name several women that I believe God sent me to events across this country just because there was one woman there that needed to walk out her destiny. When you begin to live out your destiny, it will unleash others to find their own.

So today lets stop right here and just embrace this woman in the mirror.
How do you truly feel about her?
Does your perception of you align to what God is calling you to do?
Perhaps, you are searching for purpose and aren’t sure you know your divine assignment, what dreams are deep within your heart, and do you believe you can carry those dreams out?

Be prepared this week may shift your identity.

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