Day 2: Seeking the Eternal Husband

Dear His Beloved,

For today, we begin to peel back the many layers of this "American Gospel" so that the lies can die and we can begin to embrace His truth. This gospel spurs you to perform and to have and possess and be. However, the Gospel that Jesus taught said to find your life, you must loose it, right?  Do you see the conflict? As we learned yesterday, the good news is that Jesus promises those willing to die will not only find their lives, but their lives would then begin to multiply. A life prolific is in the fabric of our Divine DNA. We were meant to multiply and something in us awakens when we begin to walk in what I call this "sacred equation" ....God + one willing vessel = A vineyard!

The American Gospel also teaches us to be busy. We are consumed with guilt if we "sit" because a good mom is a busy one. She eventually finds her path to a minivan fulfilling the "American picture" of a "good mom" which ultimately means she is exhausted running through drive thru with children going in four different directions so they don't wrestle the insecurity of not belonging while secretly she wishes her life was different. While the world is lost in busyness, Papa teaches us to Be Still. And perhaps only in the stillness can we come to full understanding that He is God. And in understanding can we move to the passenger seat and actually allow Him to become the driving force of our lives. Only in stillness do we access the narrow path that leads to life that only the few find. It is no surprise the opposer of life keeps us distracted by busyness.

The American Gospel saturated with sports that have become idols embeds in our children that to lose is to be humbled and to win is to be proud. Therefore we are raising an entire generation of children that reek with either an entitlement spirit or deep rooted insecurity. Yet, the word of God says I oppose the proud and give favor to the Humble. James 4:6 The beauty of humility is now tainted by a warped belief that to be humble is to be a looser or a failure or to be wrong.

The American Gospel also teaches us to go to church, read the Bible, be "good" avoid "bad," and then call yourself a Christian. The truth says, They will know you are mine by how you love. (John 13:35 ) However tragically of the 87% of millennials that have left the church, they claim it was not love but judgement that caused them to disconnect from a body of "believers." We call ourselves "Christians" and we call the building we meet a "House of God," yet instead of leading people to Jesus we are causing them to run. Have mercy on us!!!

We have for far too long imagined the devil with red horns and a pitch fork and associate his works with obvious evil, and missed the truth thathe disguises himself as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 7:14)  Sweet friends, it can look good, feel good and we can assume it is good and it can be completely from the enemy. My people are perishing for a lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6

We must desire to know the truth, because in knowing the truth we can be set free.

Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.
— John 8:32

Today, PONDER the American Gospel. Have you been deceived? What areas do you need God to bring truth into? Have you missed stillness or humility? Have you bought into Christians being defined by church attendance and missed the evidence of His love?

As you PRAY today, recall our protocol for approaching His throne of Grace. (Thanks, Praise, Passion & Petition. If you missed this, go back to yesterdays message.) Thank Him for revealing truth today. There is no condemnation for those of us in Christ. Sweet conviction calls us out of darkness and into light so be thankful as His conviction takes us higher. Always ask the Holy Spirit to Speak to you, His Beloved and journal your thoughts and His words.

Continue PROFESSING His truth....

I am the Beloved. I am the Beloved. I am the Beloved.

Continue to Meditate and Memorize Psalm 63. We are creating a thirst for Him!! It is okay to say, "Father I don't feel like David did in this Psalm, but I want to! I desire to know the thirst of David for Your Presence!"

I am so proud of you for taking this journey! May you savor His presence today as you become more aware that He never leaves or forsakes you.

In His Grip,