Day 3: 21 Days to Your Eternal Husband

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!
2 Corinthians 5:17

Dear His Beloved,

Do you feel like you could use an eject button from roller coaster living? Have you ever wondered....  if the old is gone then why do I struggle holding my tongue with my children or my spouse? If the old is gone then why does insecurity reign over confidence? If the old is gone then why is my health failing or my bank account still in the negative? If the old is gone then why do I still feel empty? Where is the full life God promised?

Have you ever wondered why your life could make you feel like a spiritual schizophrenic? One day you are on a Jesus high and the next you are throwing your own personal pity party or on the verge of throwing in the towel. If you are like me, you may have given yourself a few "Come to Jesus" talks realizing your behavior is far from "Christian," or perhaps you shed a few tears wanting desperately to be different.

One of the greatest revelation moments in my spiritual journey was when I understood that I too was a trinity...

spirit, soul and body!

May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
— I Thessalonians 5:23

We spend so much of our spiritual journey asking for peace and patience and goodness and heaven forbid, give us some self control!!!! The reason we aren't seeing such fruit is because we are asking for something we already have. We don't need it as much as we need to manifest it. Our lives were meant to be prolific. The Spirit of God and all of it's fruit and power is available to every believer. The problem is that we are so dominated by our soul (mind, will and emotions) or our flesh that we can miss it completely. Perhaps...this is why we must seek with our whole heart (undivided) for it to be found?

In realizing that you are a trinity, you can choose which part you operate out of. Your life doesn't have to feel like the Mt Everest ride at the Animal Kingdom going from spiritual peaks to complete nose dives into seas of darkness.  You can choose No Longer! You can get off the ride, and choose to operate out of your Spirit nature.  You can be kind. You can be love. You can operate from joy. You can live from self control. The new Spirit is within you and everything of that Spirit too...power, sound mind, self control, love, joy, peace, patience, etc...

Breathe. We have all operated out of our emotions for so long this change takes some rewiring. To rewire we must do two things well...

One: We must win the battle of our mind. This is part of the reason I believe God so emphatically tells us to take captive every thought and renew our minds. We can't let our emotional nature and reckless thoughts become our identity. The new Spirit is who we are!!! With every negative thought that comes replace it with His truth...I have the mind of Christ. I am the Beloved. I am fiercely loved!

Two: We must align to His Word. Jesus says abide in Me and I will abide in you. Jesus was the Word that became flesh. I believe the key to operating out of the Spirit vs soul is found in those words.

To abide in Him we must get in His Word to the point that His Word begins to get in us.

I firmly believe that the Word awakens the Spirit of God in us and it organically begins to manifest the fruit we all desire.

Today, you can give yourself a break for the times you felt you lost it with your children or your spouse or your parents, because we have all lost it! You can breathe because you aren't schizophrenic after Today, be thankful for truth and that you realize you simply have operated out of the old you, and it is time, girlfriends, for her to be laid to rest!  Today, celebrate that you are NEW and you will start believing everything He says about You!!!

Loved. Chosen. Beloved. Bride. Set Apart. Pure. White As Snow!

Today, Meet Him in Your Prayer Closet or Sacred Space, Follow the Protocol to His Presence (Thanks, Praise, Passion & Petition- Don't forget it's His Heart we are seeking.) Meditate on His Words. Continue to get Psalm 63: 1-5 in Your Soul and Awaken Your Spirit!

Ask God for a steadfast spirit to complete this journey.  Remember this is your time and the enemy of your heart fears your freedom. The battle is real, but put him under you feet and press in. Submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee. James 4:7

Love Your Life,

I might add that this is the tenth anniversary of the shift in my life that led me to you. A diagnosis of heart failure would lead me to the narrow path. This also means that it is the birthday of the two additional angels God sent me to fight for! I love you Houston & Jackson to the moon and back! Happy Birthday! I would go through it all again just for you!!!