Day 14: 21 Day Dare to Your Eternal Husband

Dear His Beloved,

In preparing for The Well, our church, we listened to research from great men of God trying to focus in on who is missing Jesus now so we could align our church to finding the lost. We were taken back by statistics across the board but one that really struck a cord......a come to Jesus moment, as we say in the South. One leader claims that 80% of those that say they believe have no evidence there of and another says that number is around 50-60%. Surprisingly, many that are missing Jesus are sitting on pews. Regardless who is correct, either way it should be shocking. Over half of those that claim to be Christians show no evidence that they are. I am reminded of the words from John.... He came to His own, but His own did not receive Him. John1:11

So what does the Word of God say about a believer.....

They will know you are mine, by how you love. John 13:35

There should be fruit of the Spirit. Galatians 5:22-23

Signs shall follow those that believe. Mark 16:15-17

Nowhere in scripture have I found that they will know you are a believer by your church attendance. Nor will they know you are His by status or title. Nor will they know you are His by how you pray ...even hypocrites pray, remember? Nor will they know you are His by your knowledge of word or a seminary degree. None of these have I found and neither will you. It's not in His Word. And the real problem is that many people professing to be of God hardly know His word. Sadly the Bible is the most sold least read book in the world. 

There should be fruit of your belief. That fruit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, self control. There is desire to share the Word because the Word says make disciples of nations not converts. There is a power source that should be evident in a believer. Above all of these, there is great LOVE! The greatest of all is love. If you lack love, despite having knowledge and faith and power, He says you have nothing. 1 Corinthians 13

It is a very dangerous day to live in a country that has formulated a Gospel that leaves out Jesus. The American Gospel driven by performance and accumulation is not Jesus.  A Gospel that promotes division and exclusion instead of inclusive also leaves out Jesus. A Gospel of being comfortable and flowing with the masses is not Jesus.

If the only way others know we are a believer is by us telling them, we need to get at His feet.

Think on this.....What happened in the Word when people BELIEVED?

They left their nets and went to be fishers of men. They gave money they collected back to the poor. They left their families and followed Jesus. They were willing to go to prison for the Gospel and they did it praising the Lord. 

A woman who goes to the Well in the middle of the day to avoid being seen obviously ashamed of her past, and leaves the very thing she came for and runs into the city to share her encounter with everyone. 

Belief changes us. Perhaps we need to stop striving to change our behavior and focus on our belief?

Thoughts are not beliefs. If we truly believe, everything changes.

One of the greatest moments in my spiritual journey was the moment I looked to Him saying....I don't know if I love you like your Word calls me to. I don't even know how to love you above these little faces looking up to me, but I want to. Give me a heart to love You above all things. 

Paul prayed for the people of Ephesus to know Him! Today let the words....I want to know you...reign over your lips! It is time we start asking the right questions....not for a promotion, or a man or a new home, but for supernatural knowledge of the Creator of this Universe we get to call Papa!

In His Grip,

The Bride

Rochelle FrazierComment