Day 21: What's Next?


Dear His Beloved,

Our 21 days has come to an end. I pray you have enjoyed this time of rewiring some of your theology and opening yourself up to new ways to see and feel Him. What's Next? Where do you go from here?

1.) What you feed will grow! If you want to grow spiritually, then you must be intentional about what you feed your soul. Be mindful of what you feast on because you are creating an appetite for certain things by not only what you eat but what you see and hear. These become gates to your soul so guard the well! Feed them well! I have grown to love my car time, because my car becomes a sanctuary of worship or my discipleship class;) I am intentional about staying full! Growth doesn't just happen; it is a choice. I listen to a variety of peoplelike Robert Morris from Gateway Church ( who is an amazing bible teacher or Steven Furtick of Elevation Church when I need a little fire or Bob Hamp when I want freedom. Bill Johnson of Bethel teaches more on supernatural and I love everything Christine Caine has to say!! Become a learner!! Learn from those who have experienced the MORE!

2.) Make Worship a lifestyle. We were made to worship! He inhabits our worship so worship creates an awareness of His presence that He says never leaves us. We want to grow in awareness of that presence that is always available and worship helps us do that! I recommend songs with anointing because the anointing breaks the yoke and all of these churches above (Bethel, Gateway, Elevation) offer that powerful anointing. I am really loving Elevation Church right now! It is powerful!

3.) Schedule time to encounter Him. Make retreats, weekends, women's events a priority in your life. We need these times away with Him to be restored and renewed and rewired! It is not an extra; it is a necessity.

4.) Listen for the voice and walk in it. Start the steps that will lead you to encounter Him. John 14:19-21 tells us that He reveals Himself to those who love and obey.  When I started walking, even uncomfortably, to the voice beckoning me to be His hands and feet to those around me, I began to see Him. It is worth getting uncomfortable when you see that you have been the voice of Jesus to someone in need. Listen closely!

5.) Get in His word until it gets into YOU! Create an appetite for His Word. I love love love His word, but it was something that grew. It is now my oxygen. The more you speak His word the more you see it and believe it. Knowing the truth will set us free not simply reading it, so we must get His truth into our souls so that it becomes our truth.

6.)Love people! He says they will know you are His by how you love. Choose to love people when it's hard. Choose to love people you don't think you can.  Then, organically, you will begin to take on His heart and you will begin to see with the eyes of His heart past the surface into the roots of hurting people. Everyone has a root, and we must seek to help them dig up roots and I believe love does that.

7.) Surrender so that He may finish what He started in you!!! We will fail without Him. We can't write our stories like He can. Believe me I have tried. Hand over the pen sweet friend, and let Him write. There is so much power in surrender. When we chose to die, our lives will multiply!! Your life was meant to be prolific! Don't settle for just getting by when He calls us to GREATER!

You are part of this story. Let the past be the past and step into something MORE!!!

When He said all things are new, I believe He meant it!

Go forth mighty warrior and live a life worthy of the calling!!!

Love Your Life,



Rochelle FrazierComment