Day 7: 21 Days to Your Eternal Husband

I have read that we are raising up a whole generation of narcissistic children from the obsession with the selfie. Who needs a mirror now that we have iphones, right?  If you have dealt with someone that suffers from narcissism this should frighten you as it does me. Just a few of the traits of the narcissist....

An obvious self-focus, lack of empathy, entitlement spirit, using other people without considering the cost of doing so (lacking a conscience), pretending to be more important than they really are, inability to view the world from the perspective of other people and denial of remorse and gratitude.

The narcissistic spirit can take people out without an ounce of remorse, and I have certainly seen it first hand. Even more frightening is that the spirit is not easily broken and some counselors say almost impossible. So for some the mirror gives a false sense pride that leads to this alarming self absorption and yet for others it confirms the voices that keep them in a place of unworthiness.  I can't count the number of women I have prayed over longing to be worthy of love. The ache to feel lovely or beautiful or desired runs deep.  However, in their eyes, their reflection confirms the lies that have become their truth and reveals all of their flaws.....If only I were thinner or had less wrinkles or my eyes weren't encased in dark circles or bulging or sagging and the freckles so noticeable then I would be lovely. The reflection convinces some that they aren't beautiful or worthy of love or affection or attention or that their life could ever be redeemed.  The mirror leads us to focusing on the packaging rather than the gift inside.

It is interesting that we have never seen our own faces. Have you ever thought about that? We have only seen a reflection of what an object says we look like. We trust a mirror to tell us our makeup is in place and our hair is set or if we are having a "bad hair day!" We trust the mirror to say we look fabulous or frail or happy or homely. The reflection often defines us.

However, in all of the things God created, I don't recall the mirror. Perhaps that was for good reason, because the packaging is far less important to the One that looks at the heart. And aren't we suppose to emulate Him....the one who looks at the heart?

I once heard that the Bible was our spiritual mirror. The Word of God is the key to our identity showing us who we are. When we don't feel worthy or beautiful or loved or chosen, we must look to the Spiritual Mirror not the one hanging on our bathroom wall. We get the choice to believe His truth for us.  When we don't feel beautiful, we anchor our mind in His truth ....lovely are you that carries good news. Yes, I am lovely! Those who look to Him are radiant! Yes, I am radiant! When the spirit of rejection rises because our past shows men that leave, our truth becomes He will never leave or forsake me. I am so loved by the Father that I can not fathom it.  When the voices that say we are unworthy creep in, we hold to the TRUTH that we are children of the perfect Father. Heirs to the Kingdom of God.Royalty!

This is also why the Word of God in your life is essential. If you don't know who you are, you will believe the reflection in the wrong mirror.  Your truth will come from the voices that seek to keep you from realizing that your life matters, has purpose, and awaits you to see it to step into your destiny.

One thing I have learned through these past seven years of "seeking" is that the place the enemy pokes deepest is the area the Father is trying to release my blessing.  If you are tormented by unworthiness, then you find the scriptures on your worth, because God is trying to release to you the knowledge in your inner most being of just how worthy you are. Otherwise the enemy wouldn't be trying to keep you from it so desperately. If you are grieved by loneliness and feeling unloved, the Eternal Husband is wanting to take you to new heights experiencing His love. If you are feeling hopeless that your financial situation can change, then this is the time to press in to The Provider not shrink back in lack. Remember when Jesus was asked by the disciples how to pay their taxes that He sent them to get a coin out of the mouth of a fish?  He can change everything in your life with one breath. As we grow spiritually, we have to start operating in the opposite of where the enemy is poking rather than taking his bait.

You are worthy, loved, redeemed, chosen, set apart, lovely, radiant, overcoming, blessed with every spiritual blessing, the bride, and the daughter of the is time you live like it!

His Beloved,