Becoming Whole: Opening Your Heart

Hello my friends,

I hope you are pressing in on our journey to becoming whole.  This is so much more than being healed. This is more than being free. This is about finding our voices that have the power to shift destinies. I believe and I am continually confirmed that this is a season of releasing an Esther anointing. It is vital to fully receiving what God has for us that we open wide our hearts. We must shake off what we think we know and what we question and let God show us His truth.  I spent many years lost in the church assured that I knew God only to find at 31 that I was a captive.

Take some time tonight to listen to this video. I believe it will encourage you to press in!!! Only the passionate will find their way into the secret place. You were called for such a time as this!



Rochelle FrazierComment