Becoming Whole: Week 3 Assignments

Hello Beloved Esthers,

It is our third week of soaking and I am so excited for more. How about you? As I share testimonies with my husband, I find the tears flowing. God is so good! He is so faithful! My expectation is going to a new level with each day that we press closer. I hope you are getting in your spirit the power of your voice to shift atmospheres thus your need to bring your heart to the laver and allow Him to wash if fully leaving it spotless.

I felt led last week to get out of my prayer closet and turn my guest room in to an altar room where I meet Him morning and night. I have come to long for my time here. I encourage you to make a space for an altar in your home. I have had mine in a closet for years, and in a chair for others, so don't feel pressured to take a room. Rather just declare a space that is His and commit to making your time with Him a priority. When you seek with your whole heart, He will be found. Jeremiah 29:13


Week 3 Assignments


f you happen to be near my hometown, McComb, MS, invite you to our women at The Well on Monday at 6pm. I have a feeling it will be a great night!!! :) If you are enjoying the freedom and healing teachings, mark your calendar for Oct 28-29 and plan to come to The Well for our next Freedom Encounter. We would love to have you!



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