Healing Encounters that lead to us BECOMING WHOLE

Hello Beloved Sisters,

I hope you are taking some time to rest and enjoy His Presence as we celebrate the Sabbath! As women, some of us need permission to REST! I remind you that permission has been granted for you to push everything aside and find His feet.

It has truly been an amazing week of testimonies of what God is doing during this season. I am leading a small group in my town of women who are journeying with us, and we had a day of such sweet presence and divine revelation that I felt led to walk you through one of the exercises we did as a group. I encourage you to save the video until you can get alone for about 10 minutes, but please sisters do not miss this one!!  I will share a key to bonding with Jesus and lead you through an encounter! May the eyes of your heart be opened so that you see what He has for you today!


Rochelle FrazierComment