Our Journey Begins By SOAKING, Of COURSE!

Good morning sweet ladies,
I am overwhelmed with anticipation. I have been rearranging my house all week like I did the weeks leading up to the birth of my babies. I have been cleaning out and organizing and yesterday it hit me..... I am birthing something. For almost six months now, I have been asking Jesus what these months to come look like. I knew He was calling me to soak, but I was only understanding in pieces until this last month when it all came together.  I honestly thought it was a journey I was going on solo, so you coming along is pleasantly unexpected.  While I have a framework, I am leaving space to be spirit led, and I encourage you to do the same.

Your weekly assignments are attached below. This week we will focus on detoxing some theology that hinders the divine connection. Next week we will introduce "A Heart Made Whole" by Christa Black Gifford.  Plug into my Facebook Page so that you don't miss daily encouragement or text 81010 the words @iamesther.

Plenty of Water because it helps us think clearly.
Worship is our warfare.
His Word needs to be written on our hearts.
Our words either partner with life or death, so be wise with your tongue! :)


Becoming Whole : For Such A Time As This

Week One: September11- 17th
    Detoxing Theology That Hinders The Divine Connection

Day ONE:         BE STILL
            Be still and KNOW {Hebrew: yada}  that I am God.  Psalm 46:10
            Adam KNEW {Hebrew: yada} Eve and they bore a son. Genesis 4:1

            The American Gospel would have us believe that attending church, wearing a cross, and participating in Bible study makes us "Christians." The truth is that many are sadly misinformed, because none of these actions make us believers. We can sit on a pew for our entire life, and it still doesn't guarantee Heaven. However, the greater problem is that we should care more about getting Heaven into us so that we have an impact on this Earth, rather than trying to survive this life here so that one day we get there.  God doesn’t want your service or participation or attendance more than He wants your heart. Thus He says….

            When you seek with your WHOLE heart, I will be found and I will bring you back             from captivity. Jeremiah 29:13-14

        I have learned that captives can be imprisoned unaware, because I was one. I was also a captive who spent her life in church. Many Christian leaders say that 60-80% are sitting in churches deceived to think they follow Jesus because they have bought into a version of the Gospel that has kept them comfortable rather than spurring them to look like Jesus. I desire to look different than this culture, don't you? I desire to leave this place knowing I finished what He planned for me. I desire for people to look back at my life and long to know Jesus the way I do, how about you? Are you ready to SOAK? Are you ready to shed the old and step into the new?  Then make a decision today that nothing will hinder this journey to His heart. You are all in! You are a modern day Esther and your time to soak is now, because your time to stand is coming soon!

            To Soak: What a better way to start this journey than a physical representation of this season. You have permission today to SOAK. You can simply fill up your tub or perhaps add some Epson Salt to Detox your body and some Lavender Essential Oil to relax. And Yes, you can do this every week or every day if you choose. As you’re soaking, repent {change the way you think} for buying into an American Gospel that leads you to busyness instead of stillness. Ponder this thought…. are you a follower of Jesus? Do you know Him? What do you love about Him? What would you like to know? As you are soaking, ask Jesus what He loves most about you? Use this time to surrender your heart to Him for this season of healing and freedom.

We always should begin from a position of REST! Enjoy your "yada" time!

JOURNAL: Every day journal what He shows you or speaks to you. In this season, we will be shedding, so you have permission to release. Don’t forget your water and worship!!!




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