Prepare Your Heart for the Journey.....7 Days

In a week, we begin our journey to BECOMING WHOLE: FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS. I pray your spirit is beginning to stir with anticipation. Hope, I have learned, is not a wish but a confident expectation!  The world may tell you ...."Don't get your hopes up," but the Word says.....

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and steadfast. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain, where Jesus our forerunner has entered on our behalf.
— Hebrews 6:19-20

Hope is far from a wish. Hope is an anchor. Hope is certainty. Hope is what takes us behind the veil into the secret places with God. We don't wish that what Jesus did was enough to set us free, but we have a confident expectation that what He did healed us, cleansed and set us apart for a time such as this. What HE did took us from orphan to heir. What He did paid the price for us to become His Bride. What He did empowered us to live out the commissioning He left us. It is time to step out of complacency and into destiny....a place where freedom reigns.

Jeremiah 29:13 says that when we seek with our whole heart, He will be found and bring us back from captivity. Becoming whole therefore is necessary in the process of finding Him and breaking chains of bondage.

Our journey will begin next Sunday, September 11, 2016. On this day, fifteen years ago many believe the hedge of protection around our country was breached in an attack that took the lives of far too many. If they are correct in this thinking, God was asking our nation to repent and return to Him. {If we did, I have surely missed it.}  I believe that part of this journey is to stand in the gap for our families and for our nation seeking to come to a new place of WHOLENESS where we can unleash a voice of repentance from a place of authority and call for the land to be redeemed.

Religion may tell you that women can't do this, but the Word says that historically God used women to do this very thing. Perhaps those who speak against the power and influence of a women's voice should visit the life of Esther. God could have easily selected her uncle Mordecai to stand for the nation, but instead He chose the least orphaned Jewish girl. As we enter next week, I will speak more to the voice of a woman and the enemies attempt to silence her, but for now KNOW that your voice matters! It doesn't take long to walk through a home or a school today and see that women have influence. The tragedy is that we use this influence far too often in places that have NO eternal significance, and possibly because we have been told that our voices can't be used in the Kingdom. Please hear me....I am in no way trying to call women on a new feminist movement, but rather attempting to release the ties of oppression that have kept the voices of women silent for far too long.

So this week, I ask you to prepare your heart. Get a journal and the Word of God out, and ask Him what specifically He is calling you to this season. He may call you to release some habits. He may call you release some obligations. He may call you to release some friendships. He may call you to release some of your savory indulgences for the sake of drawing closer to His heart.  I can promise you that He honors obedience, and I have learned to embrace a place of sweet surrender!

I will ask and seek to guide you in taking a few things to a NEW LEVEL:

1.) His Word: Meditate on it day and night so you are like a tree planted by water that bears fruit in all season. Psalm 1

2.) Worship : {Private Worship} You will learn that Worship silences the enemy and unlocks your books of destiny.

3.) Water Intake: Hydration increases memory and energy. Dehydration steals both.

4.) Your Words: Our goal will be to shift from any criticism, negativity or judgement to praise. However to begin, I want you to take note of your words, because they will unlock keys to strongholds and inner-vows that we need to address and dismantle. There is no condemnation here, but a desire to be truly free so be honest and record any thought that is not aligned to God that you have about God, yourself, others, your life or circumstances. { Begin to Meditate on Psalm 100 and you will understand our Words will take us into the Courts of Heaven.}

For many of you today is a holiday and time of rest, so I pray that you begin to let this season get in your spirit....YOU, yes YOU, were called to be a MODERN DAY ESTHER and the earth longs for the children of God to be revealed!

In His Grip,


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