So I am trying to be Esther, but I have a "REAL" life too....

Hello Sweet Friends,

I hope you are finding healing this week as you open wide your heart and allow the Great Physician to touch the deepest places. I pray you are freely releasing those feelings that may be familiar but are not apart of your inheritance. A familiar spirit is one to be contended with, becausetoo often it has become so apart of our lives that we don't recognize that we are held captive by it. In today's message, I will give you my suggestions on how to participate while life happens. I will also share with you how to heal from memories that hold trauma and pain.

I cover you in prayer, sweet friend, as you press closer to His heart. As your heart heals, your voice strengthens. We are unleashing modern day Esthers, so don't lose focus on those tough days. You have a big WHY??? Your destiny awaits on the other side of this soaking season!!!

Soaking with you,

Rochelle FrazierComment