Week Two: Becoming Whole: For Such A Time As This

Good morning my beloved sisters,

What an amazing first week of confirmation that this is a season to release the anointing of Esther. Women of boldness and authority that stand clothed in their destiny and empowered by the Holy Spirit are being unleashed across the nation. I am so humbled you are joining me on this adventure, and I love that you are sharing your stories of God speaking to you in this first week. My heart is bubbling over with anticipation of what happens next!!

He is revealing new layers to this season each day, and I hope you will just bare with me if I shift gears here and there, because I am seeking to be sensitive to where the spirit leads us. As I spent time with Him Saturday morning, He was comparing this healing process to the laver in the Temple. We will learn more about the temple this week, but for now know that the laver was where their hands were cleansed before they could proceed toward the Holy of Holies. The cleansing process was necessary to enter into the sacred place. It was protocol. Over 2000 years ago, the "way" to the presence of God was by following this protocol in the temple, and only one high priest on one day of the year could enter into His holy presence. However, in dying on a cross Jesus removed the veil that stood between man and the Holy of Holies. He became The Way to the presence of God, and He made this presence available for all believers any time and every day of your life. He then moved the Holy of Holies from a Temple on a Hill in Jerusalem and placed it inside believers . The Holy of Holies is no longer on the Temple Mount, but rather inside of You!

God was showing me that as we surrender to the healing/cleansing of our hearts, we will begin to move closer to the Holy of Holies. The awareness of the treasure He set within the depths of us will be made known, and with this revelation will come identity, authority, and intimacy. I get this image that He is removing the veil to secret place in our souls that holds our destiny.

Esther soaked in cleansing waters that would grant her access into the inner chambers. The High Priest would soak his hands in cleansing water before he accessed the Holy of Holies. As we soak, the access will be granted for us to go behind the veil!  May this get in your spirit and stir your heart with anticipation leading you to press in deeper.


Week Two: Assignments Click Here

While your assignments for the week are above, you will receive videos, text and additional messages as I am led. I will be facilitating you through some healing exercises this week also. Open wide your heart and get ready for the Great Physician to begin restoring your heart!




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