Becoming Whole: For Such A Time As This ... Week 18

There was a season some years ago where I found that women were coming to me with this same question....Help me find my purpose? During that season, I took classes to become a life coach. Since I kept getting this question, I thought I should learn how to help women find their purpose. I actually really enjoyed the classes and gained valuable insight to help women, and I shared many of those tools as I did women's events. However, I remember at an event one day the Holy Spirit spoke to me...I care more about who they are becoming than what they are doing because when they become who I want them to be, I can use them everywhere. 

In that season, I was so focused on purpose that sometimes it superseded the change He desired to work in me. I could see it in the women's eyes and even some tears this longing to have an identity shaped by a God ordained purpose, and it too outweighed the desire He had to work change in them. We all have this longing to find our place and for some of us to even have one. It was that season that God called me to step back from speaking and simply follow Him, and boy did He send me on a quite a journey. Within that year, He used me as a middle school teacher, in hospice, in a nursing home and as a Bible teacher.  I knew I was Kingdom carrier, but instead of unleashing that Kingdom only from a platform as a Bible Teacher, I found that I could release it in a classroom of 13 year olds, holding the hand of a dying man or the widow he left behind, investing my time and attention to the lonely and forgotten, and praying over a weary single mom who happened to be pumping gas next to my car. I was no longer confined to one place to have purpose. I lived on purpose:)

I believe the heart of God is that we are willing vessels when the need arises. We are willing to sow seeds of love regardless of whether or not it is "our place" of gifting. With this being said, I also believe that we have a "sweet spot." My life is too threaded with details that have led me to who I am today to not believe that God has a place He has ordained us with extra grace to release His Kingdom.

This place births fire in your soul.

This place bears fruit of God's hand on it.

This place brings joy in the depths of you because you come alive doing it. 

What I am learning is that we often want to live from the "sweet spot" before we have surrendered to the internal makeover that is needed to stay there with a pure heart. As we surrender to His working in us, we can step into the place of purpose from authenticity compelled by love rather than from striving flesh that performs to gain love. Does this make sense? 

As I have been pondering these thoughts in my heart this week, I have seen this in our journey together. He has been tending to our soul and renovating our interior castle, so that we can assume a position that He has ordained for us not out of our need to be seen or affirmed but because we have encountered His love.

And His love compels us to give it away. 

His love does not keep us complacent or stagnant. It awakens us to something more.  In Deuteronomy 6:23, Moses is speaking to the people about stepping into their promised land and He said....God brought us out to bring us in. Some just want out of Egypt...God, if you will just get me out of ________ or take ___________from me. They simply want out.  Still others seek the Promise Land without dealing with the things that have chained them to their Egypt. God's desire is that we would get out of slavery and into destiny....OUT OF SLAVERY AND INTO DESTINY.  If we don't step into what God has for us, we are most likely to go back to what is familiar, but what is also Egypt{Place of Entanglement}.

I am praying that this time we have spent together is ordained to move many, if not all, of you out of the things that bind you and into your destiny. With this being said, we all must FOCUS on the time before us.  I want to ramp up my personal soaking time, so I won't be as long as assignments the next two weeks in effort to get at His feet. Earlier in this journey we created altars where we would meet with God. I believe He is calling us to spend more time in that secret place. Your Egypt is not my Egypt, so I want you to seek what He has for you this week specifically. We have a few more weeks of cleansing before we start seeking to identify destiny, so press in sweet friends. 

Today go to your altar and assess your heart. Have you settled for just wanting out of something? Have you sought to find purpose but have avoided the healing necessary? Have you focused more on what you are doing than who you are becoming? 

Our focus is to get empty so that we might be filled by Him! If He shows you an area to empty, then hand it over. The first step in freedom as we have learned is realizing we could be bound. 

Thank you Father that you are leading us into your Promised Land. Thank you Father that you are good and your thoughts of us are more numbered than the grains of sand.Thank you that you are our biggest fan and want our freedom more than even we do. Thank you that you don't give up on us. Thank you that you pursue our hearts. Thank you that your love never fails to free us. Thank you that your spirit offers freedom. Give us a deeper revelation of your love each day we meet you in our secret place. We declare today that we are coming out of where we have been and stepping into what you prepared for us. May we finish our race hearing, "Well done my good and faithful servant!" In Jesus Name, Amen

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