Becoming Whole: Week 19 For Such A TIME As This.....TIMING!

I was meditating on these words this week that have become so familiar to many of us....FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS. The key word here is TIME. For such a TIME as this....God positioned an unexpected orphaned jewish woman to save her people. It was God's time that became her time. If Esther would have decided to pass on the fast, and simply keep her position as Queen, she would have missed her destiny. If she would have waited weeks or months later to voice her plea, her fellow jewish people would have been destroyed. Are you getting the impact of TIMING? 

Much like the season of Esther thousands of years ago, I believe we are in God's timing today. I believe we are in A For Such A Time As This moment. A time where God is releasing Esthers. These modern day Esthers will stand for their inheritance, make their way into the inner chamber, live out a divine destiny, and carry visible evidence that they have been with the King.

This past week as I have sought to get direction on how we finish this season strong, I am lead to these words


I will show you this week why this particular order is so important, but for today I want you to know that this is aligned to His timing. How do I know? I am so glad you asked! I have been studying the Hebrew calendar this year, and I have found that it aligns to my life. You see the Jewish people believe that God makes things available in each month that we can grab hold to. So the past year, I paid close attention to the calendar and found that it was often what I was seeing in my life. It was so often that I found my life aligned to it that I began to study more. Instead of looking for what was available, I began to expect what was available.

So last weekend I prepared for my Bible study group this week to focus this month on PURIFYING. I was drawn to spending January purifying. Then I taught a freedom class last Monday on ANGER. It was suppose to be a small group and there was a national championship game on tv, so we expected even smaller, but 72 people came to be freed from anger. Can we say timing? My word for the year is FOCUS, so I had gathered three books on healing and freedom and set them at my altar to start FOCUSING on further education myself in the place that I know God is calling me to. So with all of this going on in my life, I finally got around to looking at the Hebrew month we are in called Tevet.  Even though I had not read the calendar, my life was completely aligned to it. If you are interested in studying more of the Hebrew Calendar, pay attention to the image above that shows you what they believe is available in the month of Tevet! 


A month of holy ANGER…do not sin in your anger.
Cover godly authority in prayer….your home, your church, your community, your nation.
New life flows: Pay attention to prophetic words so you don’t miss destiny.
Be willing to war where God calls you and stand for your inheritance. 
This is a time of fasting and PURIFYING! 
A time of aligning with the right people. 
The good eye is very vital this month. See the glass half full!
FOCUS on stepping toward education in the next phase. { Read, school, intern, watch videos…}

Isn't this amazing! I have a friend that is publishing a book of her journals last year following the same calendar seeking to get others to pay attention to His timing!  Yeah! So we recognize that God calls us to PURIFY, and so we purify our hearts and our bodies to prepare for the next phase in February of Intimacy.         


For this week: Assignments

1.) Make sure you have a place to meet with God. There is something special about designating a place, even if it is your closet with all of your clothes still in it;) 

2.)Awaken your destiny: Journal everything that comes to mind about your Destiny. Things you love. Words spoken over you. Dreams etc…

3.) Receive John 15 as your Inheritance Word, so every day go to your secret place and read it. Memorize it. Ask Him to Prune you so that you are purified.

Ask Him to show you good fruit, and be thankful for how far you have come! 

4.) Review Tevet and see what God is telling you to grab hold of in January.


I will see you in a few days! I have so much to share with you about this season, but for now set your heart in the hands of the pruner and allow Him to make your life beautiful! 





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