Day 4: Are we bearing the fruit of our lips?

Judge lest ye be judged.
Matthew 7:1-2

 I know... you don't want to hear this, right? However, if we want to go deep, we must take a little hard truth and digest it, because it is the truth, even when difficult, that ultimately brings freedom. So we have spent the past three days uprooting some strong holds, and now we will look at something closely related to these inner vows that also hinders our freedom and intimacy.

Vows and judgements often go hand in hand as you will see. When I first began to process this truth about judgements, I was speechless. That internal light bulb came on {ding, ding, ding} and I think I covered my lips....for a few days! Life and death are in the tongue had new meaning, and for many of my circumstances that I was seeking to point the finger out, I realized it was I who was to blame. 

So have you ever said something like…

My life will never be as easier as hers? And then it never does get easier?

Or I will never marry someone like my father and then you realize you did?

Or perhaps,
I will never be like __________{my mother, father, grandmother etc..} and yet you are? 

Or even….

All men are crazy and then you can’t seem to escape crazy men?
Or how about…

Criticizing how someone parents and then you find your children out of control?

The Word says that we aren’t to judge. It even says that as we judge, we are judged. So if you can imagine that every time you speak {Life and death are in your tongue.} you have an imaginary bullseye that comes right up on your head, and whatever you speak ultimately comes back to you.

Men are crazy, so you now have a target on your head for crazy men. You are basically a magnet to them. 
My life will never be easier, and therefore you are a magnet to difficult circumstances.

As you are hearing these different scenarios, I can imagine you are having flash backs and perhaps covering your lips too. Oooops! We have all done it. We have all thrown around judgments with absolutely zero malice in our heart, yet our lives are bearing fruit of the words spoken that come against what God says about us and others

So today I want you to look at your circumstances. Are you living out something that you said you never would? Are you living out something you may have spoken over another? 
If you find that you are living from a judgement, use our same protocol or if you have a way of your own to intentional address and dismantle the assignments aimed at you because of your words.  Recognize, Repent, Renounce, Receive and Replace.

On another note....

Sometimes we make these judgments without any intention of harming or gossiping against another, but if we are honest, we have at times spoken judgments from the darker places of our own wounds. I heard a story when I was going through freedom ministry myself of a lady that had a difficult time with her child's teacher. She believed that the teacher maliciously and falsely accused her child of some serious things that effected his life, school relationships and his self esteem. The lady I believe ultimately moved her child to another city and school over this situation. About 15 years later, she ran into that teacher who was a mess, because of the turmoil she was living in over her own child falsely accused that had him looking at prison. 

Ultimately, it is another lesson in reaping and sowing. So how about we sow the very things we long to be a magnet, grace, mercy, compassion, generosity, humility? 

Father show us today the areas of our lives that bear the fruit of the judgements of our lips. Give us a heart of repentance and let us cast the seeds of our words out with only those things we desire to harvest. 
In Jesus Name,


Rochelle FrazierComment