Day 5: Are judgements hindering your destiny?

I pray some of you have found new freedom this week. It is amazing what shifts in our souls when we release the lies that have held us captive. Today we will look again at judgements, but specifically we will look at judgements that may have impacted or hindered your destiny.

I want you to think back to the Garden of Eden. Remember the trees that shifted our lives? One tree was the source of life that Adam and Eve could eat from as they wished. Among the other trees was a tree with specific restriction….do not eat! This tree was called the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Basically it was a tree that offered fruit of judgement. Eating from this tree would make you believe you have the right to judge good from evil. Are you following me? Before they ate from this tree, they had no knowledge of evil or nakedness or covering or blame. They simply fellowshipped with God in the garden with no other rules or restrictions. It was never God’s intent for us to decide what is good and what is evil.  It was never His desire for us to move from bad to good. We were created for intimacy with Him. His desire was not good deeds or works, but rather to be the greatest thing in our lives. We can do alot of "good" things and still miss God completely. 

You can breathe a little, because judgements are part of the bent in us as a result of the fall. We are bent to cast judgements. We are bent to decipher good and evil. We are bent to perform to become our own source because what happened in the garden was a source shift. Adam and Eve stopped eating from His source of life and became their own source. However, the good news we refer to as the Gospel is that God sent His son named Jesus to go to another tree to redeem that day in the garden and connect us back to the ultimate source. The one true source is now available.  The cross changes everything for believers. When we receive Jesus as Lord, we are now bent toward holiness. We are bent toward looking like our God. We are bent toward lending love and hope to the hopeless and unloved. 

What we are doing in freedom ministry is seeking to uproot what we have allowed to grow in place of love. Judgement is not a fruit of love. When we believe that we have the right to judge, we basically are no different from the Pharisees. There minds were so filled with what was supposed to be “Right” they missed what was God. They ultimately crucified their own Savior. Can you even imagine? 

So today ask the Father to show you if you have made judgments against people that are living out the life you long for. This may be different for us all.

If you long to be a mother, and have found yourself criticizing others who are mothers, you need to cleanse your heart of this thought.

If you are a single woman longing to be married, and you have said "how has she gotten a husband and not me?" or "why would he choose her?" Or maybe you have resented someone's wedding proposal?  You need to cleanse your heart.

If you have longed to be a writer and have a book published and you criticize other’s writing knowing you could do better…cleanse judgements.

You are in financial devastation, but you have continuously criticized how other people have used there money....cleanse judgements.

If you have criticized someone’s parenting skills and now you are living with destructive adult children running your life, perhaps you need to cleanse your heart from judgements? 

Ultimately the greatest plan for your life is that you find Him, and the greatest hinderance I have found to people finding Him is that they judge other people's faith, worship, or beliefs? If you have looked down on another because of their spiritual journey, cleanse! Cleanse Deeply! 

The pure in heart see Him. {Matt 5:8} When we truly desire to get closer to Him, we are willing to do the work of uprooting the truth about what lies beneath the surface. To be rooted in love, we must detox and uproot the current system. 

As we have done the past few day, when you realize there is a judgement, recognize, repent, renounce, replace it with truth and receive wisdom from the Holy Spirit. 


Enjoy your Sabbath Rest!



Rochelle FrazierComment