Have you met the Gardener?

I heard a man say a few weeks ago that some of us are a few prunes away from a good harvest. Wow! Isn't that good? As we are seeking to embrace forgiveness this week, I was led to John 15 with my women's study group which speaks of God as our gardener. A gardener that prunes, I might add. You may wonder what the Pruner has to do with forgiveness, right? Several years ago I was in a season of what felt like great loss. My home was discovered to have toxic drywall, and I had invested all that I had financially into that home that was now worth nothing. Friendships were gone that made no sense. A relationship ended that hurt deeply. I was driving home from a tea party that I did in Charleston { In that season, I drove with a car full of books just about everywhere:)}, and I poured my broken heart out to God. Why now when I am following you with all of me? My heart was just bleeding from all of the loss that made no sense. I felt betrayed and rejected. And then He leads me to this garden in John 15 where Jesus is the vine and I am His branch. He said to my broken heart

your life is bearing beautiful fruit, but it needed a little pruning so that you would bear much fruit.

I had carried pain, rejection and unforgiveness, because I thought I had been wrongly accused and rejected, but in truth

I had been pruned by my Father, the Gardener.

I ask you today to sit with Him and ask Him, am I holding on to something against another when simply you were pruning something out of my life? If so, release those that you are holding captive and find that you are the one that is being set free!


Rochelle FrazierComment