Key Three: Aligning to the Times

I can't imagine that anyone is the same after a trip to Israel. 

I will never be the same. I am quite certain I left a piece of my heart there, because I ache to go back like I'm homesick. His presence lingers throughout the land. You can feel the heartbeat of God at the Western Wall where people cry out day and night with desperate prayers. A Holy Land indeed! 

I was taken by the faith of the Jewish people. Their faith made me question my own. How do we say we believe yet squeeze faith into our busy lives, and they have no knowledge of Yeshua yet live a life sold out to God? You can say it's religion and perhaps it is, but when you witness their devotion and watch their tears offering up pleas to God, you have to be moved.  It didn't feel so "religious" to me, but rather it felt sacred and holy. Like every denomination, I am sure there are those devoted faithfully while others lost in tradition. Regardless, I was taken by the culture of faith that I saw. As I witnessed the closing of shops to honor Shabbat, my soul sighed...a day rest! It was a holy day.  A Jewish momma sitting with her children reading Psalms at prayer time stirred in my spirit the longing to leave a legacy of faith in my own babies while battling a culture that breeds performance and striving and idols. So much of what I saw was beautiful! I realize they have missed Jesus, and it grieves my soul to the point that seven hours a week we have people praying in our church for revival, our church families, our city and Israel. We must care about His heart! I was also convicted of how I live after that trip having a fresh revelation that we are now the Ark of the Covenant. We carry the presence of God in our temples that the Jewish people believe is buried behind that wall that they wail at for God to come rescue them!

If only we knew what we truly possess..... 

In effort to prepare for my trip, I began studying a little of their culture and calendar. However, after my trip, I became a obsessed with learning more. I mean the Bible is written to Jewish people in a Jewish culture, and if we don't understand both we can miss Him completely. At first, my thought was this sounds like horoscopes and astrology as I learned how they follow the Hebrew calendar {again the enemy twist truth so we run from it}, but I was open. I try to remain open after recovering from years of stuffing God in a box that held me captive. 

A friend shared with me a book, A Time to Advance, by Chuck Pierce and this book along with the would begin to shape how I see their culture and understand their timing and begin to align. Jewish people believe that there are seasons and times for everything much like the words of Solomon in Ecclesiastes 3. Basically in each month/season, the time is ripe for certain things to be released or healed of felt or decreed. There are Hebrew letters and tribes aligned to the months, as well. What I found is that there is an acceleration when we align to God's timing. Tevet the month we are leaving now was ordained for purification, and since I have realized that in my personal life I saw acceleration when I aligned, we aligned our study to purify.  My hope was that those who pressed in to ask God to refine them like silver felt great pressing, but a pressing that would birth an anointing.

As I grew fonder of studying their calendar, out of curiosity, I began to look back at Women's Events where I believed I had a divine word from God, and I found that it always aligned to the Calendar. If I spoke that Jesus is near us and approachable, it was ordained for that month of the calendar to be aware that He is close and approachable.  If I spoke at another event that decrees were to be broken off, they were broken and it was in the calendar as ordained time. If I spoke that God was making physical changes, there were physical changes ordained for that calendar month. If I spoke God was releasing, it was there too! 

So the interesting thing is that even though I had no concept of the Hebrew Calendar, I was aligned to it. I suppose more than anything it gave me confirmation that I was hearing God! I now look to the calendar to see what is available for each month and allow it to speak to me as He leads. I am not obsessed with the calendar, nor does it speak louder than the voice of God, but I use it for wisdom and to take advantage of what is available.  I had a perfect example of how it saved me this month. We schedule an event for our church in January. The month said that to watch alignments, so I began to pray about every person I was aligning with in my ministry or with our church. My spirit did not rest well with the event guest we were bringing in, so I called to ask questions that ultimately led me to cancel the event. The day before our event that person was on national news for something that questioned their integrity. I am not saying that I questioned integrity, but I believe God protected our house because I was faithful to care about aligning to His heart more than promoting an event.

If this is stirring in your Spirit, we have just entered the month of Sh'vat and I will share over Sabbath what is appointed for this season. 

Honestly, we can agree to disagree on this subject and still follow Jesus together, but if my heart is to lead you closer, I have to share my love for the Jewish culture and calendar and the power it brings to accelerate you! 



Rochelle FrazierComment