Key Two: There is POWER

Key Two: The Power of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit, my friends, is a GOLDEN KEY to intimacy and freedom. Unfortunately, what I have found is most of us fall in one of two extremes in regard to the Holy Spirit. As the Word suggest, few find that narrow path that leads to life! 

The first group I will call the "Dangerously Deceived" group. {By the way, I held the chairman's seat to this group most of my life, so no condemnation here! } This group can be heavily involved in church, baptized and carriers of the Spirit, but have zero Kingdom impact. They believe that baptism and the confession of "Jesus is Lord!" sealed them with everything available, and it stopped there. This group is set up for striving with a life marked by doing good and avoiding bad. Though intentions are pure, they miss completely a life empowered to walk out the Great Commission. They may feel the pull to more, but because they have checked their "God card" they begin to perform in life to meet that deeper longing of their soul. These people miss the need for continual seeking to be filled and empowered by the source that actually can transform them to look like the bride. Behavior modification reigns over interior renovation.  They may have the power of living water, but never fully tap into it. They may talk about the Holy Spirit, but don't walk in the fruit of power and love! Thus I call them Dangerously Deceived.... or actually I stole this from a woman at our church who fit this description just as I did. 

The other extreme FEARS the Holy Spirit because it was abused in their past or the extreme charismatics have made it "weird!" This fear has built walls that keep the rains of heaven from washing into their lives. With this in mind, we must look at the wisdom of Paul...

1 Corinthians 2:14

The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit.

Have spiritual things seemed foolish? I will admit that many spiritual things seemed foolish to me until I had this very unexpected diagnosis of heart failure eleven years ago. A diagnosis has a way of awakening us to truth, doesn't it?

So what does TRUTH say about the Holy Spirit?

There are at least 50 things the Holy Spirit does in our lives. It transforms us from glory to glory. It brings freedom. It washes and renews us. It teaches us and reveals mysteries to us. It comforts us. It empowers us and edifies us. 

Click Here for that Full List of 50

If you have accepted Christ as your Lord, but you don't look and feel different, the key is that you haven't tapped into the Holy Spirit. It is our SOURCE of transformation! It is the SOURCE of power and love! It is the SOURCE that connects us to the Father! 

You are probably familiar with Luke 11 that teaches us to

Ask, Seek and Knock.

This passage paints this image of a child coming to a father with a request for fish or eggs. It ask the reader, would a good father give that child a snake or a scorpion instead of fish or eggs? Heavens no! And it ends like this...

 If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!” Luke 11:12

This petition to ask, seek, and knock is not a one time occasion. The way these words are used in Luke 11 would suggest a continual asking, seeking and knocking. So instead of asking for a car, promotion, man or new house....He was saying ask for the Holy Spirit! And not only ask once, but ask daily! 

So lets ASK:
Come Holy Spirit! Edify us, empower us, align us, comfort us, teach us, renew us, restore us and make us look like Jesus! Come Holy Spirit and give us an interior renovation!
We surrender all of these distorted images of You, and ask that Your love would be made evident through our lives! In Jesus name

This prayer from a pure heart could be one of the greatest steps on your spiritual journey! He wants you to ASK, SEEK, & KNOCK! 

By the way, the Greek words for these three words sound a little more like...asking, begging, demanding and beating with a stick! This is not a simple request, but the LIONESS in you coming forth to demand a promise! I can only imagine The Great Lion is moved by the LIONESS coming out of His girls! When you realize what the enemy has taken from you, you will begin to ROAR! 





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