Strongholds Assignment: Day 3


Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is FREEDOM! 

2 Corinthians 3:17


Today we enter another day of inviting the Spirit of the Lord into the recesses of our hearts to rewire these deeply embedded vows that have held us captive.  These lies while seemingly innocent hinder us living out the life of fullness Jesus offers. {John 10:10} So we surrender to a little more open heart surgery today!

We will go one more day uprooting strongholds, because as I found personally there were many hidden deep, and He is calling us to go deep! Some of these thought patterns are so familiar they seem normal and acceptable despite the truth that they are far from our inheritance of peace of mind, joy, love, identity and the like. Just because it is familiar doesn’t mean it is for us. We are after finding that woman inside of us that He destined us to be!  

I believe that some of our lifestyle choices come from STRONGHOLDS. Perhaps we believe we are alone despite that we are married with children, so we excel in our career only to find years later that precious souls around us were needing us more than the money we brought home. Or perhaps that lie of being alone drove us to a career that had us so focused that we missed the timing to have a family of our own?

Perhaps we believe that no godly man would love us because we are unworthy, so we date only men that can validate this already toxic belief that we aren’t worthy of something better? Perhaps we have chosen to live in a place that God has called us out of because we have bought into the lie that we are a small town girl and not smart enough or confident enough to make it in a fresh environment. 

So we stay stagnant instead of flourishing!

So today spend some time thinking about your life. What do you love? Where do you wish you flourished more? What do you dread? What would you change?  Is it possible that you have believed a lie that has become a stronghold that has you stagnant instead of flourishing? 

If you realize you have believed a lie that has become a stronghold, ask the Father where it came from and follow our protocol to rewire and receive His truth.

We are learning a process that will help you as you process.

Remember it takes 7 times to refine silver, so this is not an instant fix, but away of continually moving from Glory to Glory!


Rochelle FrazierComment