Strongholds: Assignment Day Two

Hello Beloved Esthers,

So I am really struggling to reach you the past few days. My computer crashes. The wifi is down. What normally takes ten minutes ends up 4 hours. My new images won't load. I honestly have never experienced such resistance to reach you, so with that being said I ask for a little Grace and I encourage you to not miss what I am sharing this week. Obviously something is coming against me getting to you! 


Be careful how you think, your life is shaped by your thoughts. 

Proverbs 4:23

Today, we are continuing to uproot strongholds because usually there are many!

I am alone was a big vow for me as you read yesterday, but it was the first of many I found on my pursuit of freedom! Our desire is to uproot the whole system and reroot in LOVE!

I think I annoy my husband because I have done so much freedom ministry, it seems I have a freedom radar:)) I will look at him and say, “T, you know that’s a vow right as he buys every single item at the concession stand!” He then tucks his popcorn, nachos, peanuts, candy bar and sprite under his arm and walks away with the guilt of a two year old all over his face. I have never seen anyone buy so much junk food at a ballgame than my husband. I personally could avoid it all, and he is like a kid in a candy store. I am not sure what the vow is exactly because he won't say anything more than I’m right, but I would bet it was something like...... he didn’t have money to buy food at the concession stand when he was younger, so he vowed that he would buy whatever he wants as an adult.  This vow hasn’t caused detrimental harm to our family, but it certainly reveals something layered deeper.  It is easier to pick up on unusual behavior of others rather than admit that we ourselves are exhibiting that unusual behavior!

A lady at our church cooked dinner for us one night and I was in awe of the feast before us. We could have fed a small village in Honduras with no exaggeration with the food the four of us were dipping from. When I asked her who else was coming, she said with her precious little grin that it was just us but she feared never making enough. In her mind, despite the mass amount of food it didn’t seem extreme, and can I admit I was a little glad because I had leftovers for three days myself:)) 

So life experiences create beliefs. Beliefs can become strongholds that shape our lives.

I don’t trust men.

Men leave.

Women will betray you.

I will never be poor.
Rich men are arrogant.

Men are controlling.
No Godly man would love me.

I’m just a small town girl.

I will never be enough.
I have to work harder than others to be seen.

These are all lies that can become beliefs based off of life experiences. 

So what is in your heart and your head that impacts your life
but does not line up to His TRUTH? 

The first way to remove a stronghold is to RECOGNIZE it is there.

When you RECOGNIZE the stronghold,  sit with the Father and ask Him where did it come from? It is important we go to the root. Where did this lie enter in and lay an ax to the root there. If you have a memory, ask if there is a younger memory? Go deeper and deeper because if we don't get to the root, the fruit of the pain will still remain. 

Recognize the lie
Repent for the Lie
Renounce the Lie
Replace the Lie with His truth and

Receive that truth! 

In the name of Jesus!

Sometimes we go to a memory ONE more time to get FREE!



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