Finding the Secret Place

This month we are pressing in to find the Secret Place. More than us living out a divine destiny, our Father longs for us to find His heart. Only then, compelled by love rather than performance can we live out destiny fully. Destiny birthed from striving is never sustainable. Destiny sought from a wounded soul will always be hindered by rejection, fear, comparison or offense. At some point the wounded soul will be attacked and you will shrink back, question your call, or possibly run. 

A heart touched by the living God healed and then compelled to live from destiny is a different story! This doesn't mean that you have to have everything in order to live for God, but rather that we never allow destiny to become greater than our intimacy. 

Since we started this journey, I have been seeking mysteries in the Word on how to press in deeper. I learned from years of seeking that there are mysteries revealed in the Word. Basically, there are Words on the page, but as those words move from the page into your heart they often have new revelation or deeper meaning that almost seemed hidden at first glance. You can read ... In the presence of your enemies He prepares of feast from Psalm 23 or you can begin to see the power of feasting in the midst of persecution because you realize who fights on your behalf. The Words from the page have now become seeds of faith, trust and satisfaction to the soul {Feasting!} Instead of simply reading the Word with no transformation or wrestling with your enemy in every battle, you begin to grab your fork and feast:) I am sure many of you are saying..Yes!!! 

So I began to seek what I called "Keys to the Secret Place", and you may recall if you have been following us that I shared many of those keys in the late fall. What was interesting is that one day as I was studying I felt led to the Lord's Prayer. As I was reading the prayer, I saw a connection to what I had found as "keys" in scripture and what Jesus taught us to pray.

The Lord's Prayer

You can click on the link to download the prayer with my notes!

This week we will pray this prayer daily focusing on different parts each day. 

Your Assignments


Your Assignment for Wednesday is to research the Names of God
In case you have more time today, this may be a good Sunday afternoon exercise.
There is power in praying aloud these names. Declaring who He is does something in the atmosphere. This is the Hallowed be thy name.

Create an image that you will use this week as you pray. We will begin praying the names of God before we meditate every day! You will love this! Something truly happens when you declare who God is in the atmosphere! 

May you find the SECRET PLACE!




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