Key 5: I hope you DANCE!

Miriam the prophetess, Aaron’s sister, took the timbrel in her hand, and all the women went out after her with timbrels and with dancing.
— Exodus 15:20

So this verse has been stirring in my spirit lately. I suppose I should say that it has rested there. Miriam led the women out with timbrels and dancing. To celebrate with a word of praise just wasn't enough for this occasion, no it called for a dance. I have to admit that in my mind I am a beautiful dancer.  When I imagine myself before the King I am usually dancing. My dance there is flawless overflowing with grace. I suppose this is where I feel most like His butterfly, but this is not my reality. I am far from a picture of Grace on my real feet. And fear creeps in a little at the thought ...are you calling me to make a public declaration through dance?

I'm already a borderline "fruitcake," in the eyes of many, and this will certainly seal the label! But then it hits me...everything the Lord has shown me breakthrough with, at some point, I deemed it weird.

She lifts her hands...weird. She prays in Walmart...weird. She is meditating....weird. In case you have missed this past week, the very things I had walls up were the very places that God used to awaken me, free me or bring me deeper in intimacy. I can hardly keep my hands down. I will pray with you at Walmart or the gas station or at your table in a nice restaurant, if I am so prompted. I not only meditate on the word I teach it, because I have seen such power in it drawing me to the heart of Jesus. So I began to look at the scriptures believing this too is a place the enemy has tried to keep us from....the power of our dance. 

We all know David danced, and he danced and he danced. He is known for dancing so much his clothes came off:) And most of us could probably quote you turned our mourning into dancing.The Psalms are full of rejoicing which can insinuate you are spinning around and dancing. But what does it mean for us on this journey to His heart?

I was speaking to a Widow at our church that said she was consumed with grief after her husband died, but she broke grief off through dancing before the Lord. Hmmm....So I went to our prayer meeting to bring these words before the Lord and ask...why are you leading me to the dance? As I prayed and pondered, I felt led to dance, so I danced and before long we were all dancing. As I danced I felt something fall off....a heaviness that I didn't fully realize was there was lifted. I can't tell you that I know fully what happens in the spiritual atmosphere when we dance before the Lord, but I am quite certain this is a season to dance. A season to not simply worship and sing, but to DANCE with all of our might! A season where things are broken off and prisoners released through dance. I believe dancing will not only release us from what holds us back, but it will call down the glory from HEAVEN. I am seeing confirmation of this time to dance daily, so I must take this moment to bend your ear to hear.....your answer could be in your Dance!

And finally what stirs my heart to dance is that I found a Psalm that I wrote June 7, 2013 at a writer's conference . We were led through a Psalm writing exercise after we meditated on a Hebrew word while listening to music. My word was King. As I sought to see the King, I found myself dancing....this was my first dance before the King. It's interesting that when I wrote this I was just starting my freedom journey and I didn't fully know the truth of these words as I do now, so perhaps I wrote this FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS: 

King, oh King, my God, yet Father,
How could this be?
I the daughter of a King- 
Most high- perfect?
As I dance before Your throne,
Your Countenance satiates the longings of my soul.
I am undone.
In Your presence, I am beautiful,
I am radiant - my dance flawless.
And though my dance ends, 
Your thoughts of me linger and linger.
How could I bring you such glory?
Thoughts of me consume you-
This I can not fathom?
Envelop me, Papa, in Your Love,
Consume me with Your Light,
So that the wind of my dance releases
Your heavenly kisses freeing broken souls
as you have freed thee.

I suppose if my dance frees broken souls, I shall dance! 



Rochelle FrazierComment