Week 23: Finding the Secret Place Continued

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Hello My Beloved Esthers,
I had a wonderful weekend with some amazing ladies in Taylor, Texas. I apologize for my delay with your assignments, but I am excited to share that I am now even more certain that this season is one of releasing Esthers. I saw them with my own eyes this weekend. Women rising up with passion to live from a new place of favor, influence, boldness and identity. The air was pregnant with purpose! Hearts tapped into divine love were evident. Hope saturated the atmosphere that something or many things would be different for many of them and perhaps even all. I love to step back on the final day and watch the shift in worship. You can tell in the atmosphere that hearts have dialed into the Father. Worship looks different when one has had a moment with Him. A heart felt worship leaks into the atmosphere. I felt it. And I can say this, girlfriends,it is time!

I remind you that this season is not designed to learn about Esther as much as it is to release her. 

My heart intent was to take women through the protocol of soaking like she did, before she made her way into the inner courts. We have focused the first four almost five months on purifying much like Esther soaked in Myrrh.This purifying agent was also known for it’s healing properties and as a preservative for perfume. So this one agent could purify, heal and preserve....hmmmm. IT sounds alot like the works of the Holy Spirit in us to purify us, heal us and preserve us or seal us until His return. This season has been about allowing the Holy Spirit to take us into the recesses of our hearts and uproot a system that has kept us from the promises of God. We have allowed Him to bring healing to our wounded souls, and now we will allow Him {like Myrrh} to preserve a new fragrance that will linger from our lives drawing others to the Kingdom. Our heart will not be to simply draw others into the Kingdom, but to multiply what we have found unleashing an army full of Esthers. As you step into who you are, your identity shift will awaken others.  Our lives were meant to be prolific. You were designed to multiply! Interestingly, every country where terrorism is rooted and abounds women are oppressed. The beautiful loving spirit of a woman released could heal the greatest challenges of this world. We were made for this! Esthers DNA saves and releases people groups! I hope you are getting excited!!!! It's time!

This month we have been seeking to move into the secret place drawing to a new level of intimacy. Last week I was sharing that some of the keys to this secret place were hidden in the Our Father Prayer, so this week we will finish this prayer as we use spiritual practices to draw us closer to His heart. 

I realize that some of you need a few days on one assignment and others can do two or three in one day, so take your time this week and go as He leads. If you need to linger on one assignment or perhaps do Assignment one every day with an additional assignment go for it:) Find what leads you closer. 

Be every so blessed this week as you press into to His Presence!





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